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How powerful does my patio heater need to be?

Though spring is slowly ending to welcome the summer now is still the best time to consider getting a new heater for your patio. After all, nothing beats unwinding to a relaxing dinner on your patio after a long day at work. Before you go out and buy a new heater for your patio here are a few things you need to consider to get value for your money. Buying patio heaters should be a breeze after reading this piece.

How powerful does my patio heater need to be?

Variety of heat settings

The first consideration that you need to make when buying patio heaters is to ensure that the unit you get have variable heat settings. A variable heat setting will allow you to set the amount of heat that you and your family and guests will need on any given day. This means that you will get to have an enjoyable and relaxing time outdoors the whole year round regardless of the season. Imagine relaxing with your loved ones during the summer with the patio heater on low watching the kids playing in the yard. Or having a great conversations with your friends on your patio in the winter and still being warm and toasty. This is a great benefit if you have a patio heater that has variable heat settings?

There are a wide variety of patio heaters that you can choose from including gas heaters and electric heaters. Hence, the next important decision that you need to make before getting a heater for your patio is to decide whether to get a gas patio heater or an electric patio heater.

Electric patio heaters are gaining popularity especially in residential homes for the obvious reason that it is very convenient. You only plug it in and in a few minutes it will instantly give off the heat that you desire. Also, electric patio heaters are usually not affected by the wind when used during a windy night. Most importantly, it requires minimal or no maintenance at all.

How powerful does my patio heater need to be?

On the other hand, some people find gas patio heaters appealing because of the flames that can be seen giving the feel of a bonfire being lit. Also, the heat that a gas patio heater emits is described to be radiant that feels the same as the heat from the sun. The downside to using a gas patio is the fact that you will need to connect it to a gas tank or cylinder every time you want to use it. Some people connect their patio heaters to the gas tanks of their gas grill. However, this means that you cannot use your grill if you are using your patio which won’t allow you to enjoy the mouth watering aroma of grilled meat or fish slowly cooking in the grill while enjoying great conversations with your friends and loved ones before dinner.

How powerful does my patio heater need to be?

Finally, the most important consideration in buying a patio heater is the aesthetics. You would want to choose a patio heater that would fit the design and architecture of your home and patio. Aside from the design, you need to consider the size of the area you want to be heated. It is also important to decide where to place your patio heater before you go out and shop for one as this will have a direct effect on the type and model of the heater you need to get. Of course, if you’re still struggling to make a decision on the right type of heating for your outdoor area, why not get in touch with www.heatstrip.com.au and ask for advice.

Happy heating!