Porter Cable C2002 Compressor

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The growth of modern technology has made the air compressors business quite lucrative. This is because several companies are looking to make better machines that can withstand technical hitches and generally work for more extended hours. Air compressors, for starters, are machines that convert atmospheric air into usable energy. They compress gases to various weights, which can then be fixed in containers or gas cylinders. There are several uses of air compressors, which have opened up a money-spinning business for individuals who venture in this field.

Air compressors come in handy not only in technological or industrial fields, but also for ordinary daily use. The most common use of an air compressor that we have all employed is inflating a car tire. This is typically offered at gas stations. You’ll also need compressed air to remove your tire. Other typical examples of compressed air can be seen in spray cans and perfumes. Bigger and more powerful air compressors are used in industries for various purposes.

Here’s how an air compressor works. The machine uses the electronic motor or gas engine to convert power into potential energy, which is then stored in as pressurized air. That’s the reason why spray cans are tightly shut. The high pressure evaporates into the air as soon as the can is opened. If you want to buy an air-compressing machine, you must take time to learn the technicalities behind the structure. There are different types of an air compressor. Learning this will help you identify the exact machine that you require for your business.

Here are some of the different compressors and how they work:

* Centrifugal Air Compressors

Centrifugal compressors are distinct in that they operate under the rule known as dynamic compression, while the other air compressors use the positive displacement principle. From its name, the machine uses centrifugal force to produce kinetic energy. This ensures that the pressure remains constant, hence the machine works relatively faster. Unlike other machines, centrifugal air compressors are oil-free. This means they don’t require oil lubricants. This feature makes it one of the best compressing machines. It’s quite fast, durable, and uses less space. An example of this machine is the Porter Cable C2002. You can read all about its unique specifications at https://rifflenw.com/porter-cable-c2002-review/.

* The Piston or Reciprocating Air Compressor

It’s the oldest and most commonly available air compressor. It operates under the principle of positive displacement. This process involves displacing atmospheric air, which is then passed into the cylinder for compression. The machine is quite bulky and may require a relatively bigger working space.

* The Rotary Screw Air Compressor

The difference between the piston compressors and the rotary screw compressors is that, while the latter uses the piston and cylinders to compress air, the rotary screw uses two rotors to displace atmospheric air and push it into the compressor. The machine can prove easy to maintain, but one major disadvantage of this rotary compressor is that it can be too expensive.

When buying machines, always ensure that you research before buying. This will enable you to acquire the best machine for its intended purpose.

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