How To: Planning a Simple Wedding

A wedding doesn’t need to be a huge dramatic affair. If you’re tying the knot, and want to find out more about planning a simple wedding, we at have you covered!

Marriage is such a beautiful thing. Not only is it a sacred agreement between two loving people, marriage means that there is usually a wedding ceremony of some sort. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve met in real, or online on such site as If you’re planning a wedding but don’t want to go overboard, it can be straightforward, as well as worthwhile, to have a simple wedding. Just because we’ve used the word ‘simple’ it doesn’t mean your special day has to be basic – it can still be magical.

At, we’ve put together some very helpful tips when it comes to planning a simple but beautiful wedding. So, read on to find out more!

Plan A Simple Wedding with These Tips!
1. Set a budget – setting your budget with the money that you already have in a bank account is a safe bet. While it does happen quite often, no one, under any circumstance, should end up having to go into debt for a wedding – it is, after all, just one day. If you only have a couple of hundred dollars to spend on a wedding, then plan the wedding with that budget in mind. Always try and spend less than budgeted for. This is certainly easier to do when planning a simple and small wedding as you’re less likely to go overboard.

2. Choose attire carefully – obviously, the clothes that the bridal party wear to your wedding is very important to many. When choosing bridesmaids dresses, bear in mind that it’s likely that the dresses will only be worn on one day of the year – on the wedding day Asking your bridesmaids to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress, shoes, and matching accessories is certainly not be the best way to treat your friends – especially those you consider close enough to ask to be bridesmaids. You can easily enough pick up nice bridesmaid dresses online or in clothing sales. Also consider choosing different styles in similar colors or vice versa.

The same applies when it comes to your wedding dress and your grooms tuxedo or wedding outfit. There are a number of online wedding clothing outlets where you can pick up some wonderful outfits for almost half the price. The same goes when choosing the groomsmen’s tuxedos; suggest that they wear their own if they already have them instead of expecting them to rent their outfits. It’s all about shopping around.

3. Wedding photographer – when it comes to hiring a photographer, choose someone who will shoot your wedding digitally. That means that you won’t have to pay for printing proofs and can distribute them as you wish.

4. Confirm details with the wedding venue – ensure that you ask your wedding venue what their policy is when it comes to flowers and musicians. This means that you can plan the layout and steps you need to take well in advance of your big day.

5. Think outside the box – when it comes to planning a wedding, it’s important that you think about you two as a unique couple and creating a wedding day that should reflect that. Little favors and creative ideas can go a long way in entertaining your guests.

6. Use local produce – one of the benefits of having a smaller wedding is that you can use locally sourced suppliers. Consider using flowers that are locally grown and in season. Not only will you save a lot of money but having produce that is locally sourced will add that little extra something to your special day.

Enjoy Your Day
Planning in advance is essential when it comes to any size of wedding. However, always remember that your marriage is more important than the wedding day itself. Always keeping this in perspective will hopefully save you time and stress when it comes to making important decisions about all the important details. Even if your cake ends up damaged or your friends start a fight after one too many drinks, the day is still all about you and your other half.

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