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Made to break: Living in the Cheap Age

Made to break: Living in the Cheap Age

I moved into a new house recently with some friends and it came time to do the obligatory shop for all those household items that evidently our previous housemates had been supplying for us. So we hoped in the car and raced down to the supermarket with a list of..

A Road Trip with a Difference

A Road Trip with a Difference

Road tripping conjures up the most glorious vignettes, doesn’t it? Scenes of beautiful countryside rolling past while you drive along at a grand old pace with the windows down and the music up. It’s a beautiful thing to do in any country in the world, and when..

Why Caroma is the Right Product Choice for Your Home

Caroma is a leading brand of quality products for your home. The company has a history of technological innovation and created the world’s first transfer injection molder in 1945. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength with a reputation of being Australia’s leading..

Four Reasons Why Walnut Flooring is a Good Fit for Your Home

One of the best ways to update and change the look of your home is to install new flooring. Once you have decided to replace your old flooring, your biggest dilemma will be choosing which flooring is best for your home. If you are considering hardwoods, look  for woods that offer durability and..

Responsible Alcohol Choices Whilst Dieting

People often think that dieting means staying away from all the best things in life. I often get questions as to how I maintain a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle whilst still having the odd tipple so here are my tips on incorporating alcohol into a..