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Our Top Tips For Managing Your Energy Bill This Autumn

As the temperature cools you may want to adjust some staples around your house in order reduce your family’s impact on the environment and save money. There are many easy ways to adjust your way of living to better suit the environment and these tips will point you in the right direction. 

Our Top Tips For Managing Your Energy Bill This Autumn

Install Covers on Keyholes to Reduce Drafts
You can buy beautiful keyhole covers that are relatively inexpensive and reduce drafts coming in and out of the house in order for you to save on your energy bill by eliminating waste. 

Let Natural Light in
Keeping your curtains open during the day helps let natural light in but during the night time, it’s beneficial to close the curtains to prevent cold air from entering. These simple adjustments to your drapes or blinds will help the sun do its work while giving your central air a rest. 

Change Dirty Furnace Filters
Did you know that most furnace filters should be changed every 1 – 3 months? Allergens like dirt, dust and hair can build up in your furnace filter and cause harm by blocking the air flow. Simply replacing the filter can save you money by allowing your air to run cleanly and efficiently.

Consider a Smart Thermostat
If you invest in a smart thermostat you can have precise control over the temperature of your home and optimize your climate control system by programming it to run on your schedule, not to mention many models have Wi-Fi controls that you can set on your phone. Smart thermostats help you track the increase in your home’s energy efficiency and they program schedules around your behavior patterns. 

Check on Your HVAC Unit
It is worth noting that you can save up to $325 a year in energy costs if you upgrade your heating and cooling system to a newer model. If you’re looking to make an investment that will benefit the environment furnace repair professionals near you will come to your house and do an assessment to see what steps you need to qualify for rebates. 

Check on Your Fireplace and Ventilation Systems
Fall is the best time to get your chimney checked to see if a full sweep is needed and it can be done for a relatively low cost. Doing this will help you ensure that chemicals and toxins haven’t built up in your chimney and getting a check done will also let you know how you can improve the efficiency of your home’s ventilation systems. 

Wash Laundry on Cold 
You should always put off doing your laundry until you have enough dirty clothes to fill a whole load. Putting small loads in the washer is wasteful because energy is used to heat that water and run the machine. When it’s time to wash your clothes always select a cold water cycle and use detergent that is designed for cold water. 
Follow these tips this Autumn and you’ll be well on your way to saving money for you and your family.

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