Online Sources for Buying Amazing Paintings

Ages ago, if you are an art lover, you will line up or buy tickets to see a famous exhibit. But nowadays, we go to our favorite spot, grab our devices and start browsing. We have been blessed by internet to see it all at the comfort of our living room. From there, we develop our urges to own that piece of art you feel essential to your living space thus giving birth to numerous online sites which focus on selling different kind of artworks.

It is a dilemma for us buyers and artwork lovers to choose the best online source for buying amazing paintings. Out of the thousands of websites out there I have selected the top 5 base on its originality, impact to the community and how friendly the site is for the artist and buyers alike.

The top 5 on the list are as follows:

1. Society 6
Society 6 which flags that every purchase pays an artist and that they are empowering independent artist worldwide. The site offers a platform for both art buyers and international artist for a wide range of artworks from the unusual stuff to the most interesting canvases.

2. brags that they exist so you can have art as their best tag line. They have one of the best collections of incredible art images and excellent craftsmanship. They have an eye on products which will make your place interesting.

3. Minted
Minted which has one of the best collections of stationery and cards believes in the independent artist to top the art world. They are trying to cater these artists who do not have access to traditional retailers, giving them a chance to gain exposure and build a name in the art industry.

4. Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters is one of those online stores which really surprise me with very well described collection of art prints which comes with variety of sizes. Hope they will continue to build up their wonderful stocks of affordable artworks.

Pretty Neat Creative is the site to watch out for passionate art lovers out there. It is a Singaporean based company which is very passionate about artworks, crafts and sewing stuff. I really like how they connect to everyday people like me whose needs are not just for the sake of art but for our families. They cater everything from school art projects to professional artworks. They believe in giving their time and love to create something by hand to make the world a better place. PRETTY, NEAT and CREATIVE indeed!

Online sources for buying amazing paintings and artworks are really going places. Maybe in a couple of years we will see more and more companies merging, but what I would like see from this wonderful sites is grow to something more than a store, but a community of artist and art lovers where our online connection will help cater a more understanding world for everyone. Let our artist be praised and acknowledge for their contribution to the art world. Let us encourage more independent and radical artist to showcase their impression on our world through wonderful paintings and other forms of art. Let us support these individuals and not forgetting about our own culture. Our lives may fit in a box, but nothing beats the real art of life. We need to appreciate life and live to the fullest.

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