Not Just The Rugs, Cowhide Enrich The Home Decor Too

Cowhides are used to produce some fashion able articles that enrich the interior decor. They come in the form of naturally dyed skins of the cows. The skin that is exposed to post drying conditions is used to manufacture a number of articles which are high priced and of great demand in the market. Not just in the European nations and the Western world, the hides of animals were used in the form of designs at the houses of the Elite people since years. But, there have been certain restrictions regarding animals like tiger due to their rapid extinction. However, the leather and the hide industry is still famous for cows to produce articles like cowhide ottomans, cowhide pillows, cowhide rugs and cowhide furniture.


There is not just an option to buy the cowhide rugs; you may also buy cowhide pillows to bring newness to your bedroom. The unique designs and patterns of the cowhide add a beautiful texture to your room matching with the other furniture. The cowhide pillows just not need to be with your bedroom, you may also decorate the sofa cushions of your drawing room with such cowhide pillows which will surely add an elegant look to your room. Moreover, the pillows are too comfortable to be rested upon. They come in a variety of color combinations of solid black color, dual color combinations, and light brown colors to many. So, you can avail to any of the hiddenpatterns that will actually suit your room. The cowhides direct bring a wide variety of reputed articles made up of cowhides that are now placed on exclusive sales at about $10 discount.

There are awesome deals with many of the commodities at cowhidesdirect. Some of them can be given as:

1. Cowhides that are at a sale under $249. $10 off on each product with code COWHIDE10
2. Cowhides that are at a saleinthe range of $250 to $399. $15 off on each product with code: COWHIDE15
3. Cowhides that are at a sale over $399. $20 off on each product with code COWHIDE20
4. Cowhide pillows that are at the sale with $10 off on each product with code PILLOW10
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6. Custom cowhide ottomans are available for $50 off and the product code is 50CUSTOM

The company is a renowned one for the grade of its product. They provide a great satisfaction to the
customers who love creative pattern at their homes. These may be of the type like DeVore hides, the cowhides with zebra prints. Some of the cowhides are also completely black or grey. All the cowhides sold till the present days are considered to be of the World class standard. There are many products which have transformed the entire room of the customers.


The cowhides just do not find a purpose to design the floors; rather they are also used to decorate
the room in other fashions.

✓ Cowhide designs on the wall- the cowhide designs look gorgeous even on the walls. When you hang a cowhide modular design article on the walls it adds a glow to your bedroom. A hide that is neutral in color can also be used as a chandelier from the ceiling; it will be lovely to look at if it is placed in the drawing room. This idea also implies the hanging of an animal g]hide on the wall along with other accessories like a mirror, horns of the animals

✓ Many customers work the best in planning a new setup with these cowhides. They hang the cowhides in the designs and cuts in the form of wallpaper especially in near the guestrooms as well as in the bathrooms. A cowhide rug can be a beautiful aspect of a room décor which will add to a flawless beauty of the room. This is the idea that is also used by many luxurious hotels in the form of an ethnic style to beautify their hotel receptions and rooms.

The articles especially the cowhide pillows and thee cowhide ottomans come in the colours of Black and white, solid black, salt and pepper pattern, tricolour pattern, grey colour, brown and white, beige and white, light brindle colour, brindle tricolour, dark brindle colours, zebra prints, metallic texture, cappuccino colour, white colour, chocolate colour, brown cum red texture, Palomino colour, Champagnecolour, and Gris Beige colour Brazilian type. These are the most conventional colors. Scientists are researching to bring out new colors in the newer breeds to increase the economy of the market.


Cowhides are the natural animal by-product, so it is not that easy to find a hide of accurate shape and size. They come in various shapes. So, for this, it is very important to know the size of the material you actually need. The Cowhides Direct always brings the sizes in the pattern

• Medium size is approximated to be 6×6 or 36-44 square feet
• The large size comes in 6×7.5 or 45-48 square feet
• The extra-largesizecomes in 6.5×7.5+ or 49+ square feet.

These are the most standard sizes that are developed on the basis of the customer demands. The sizes are enough to design your floor to a needed extent. Cowhides look more pretty and gorgeous mostly when they are smaller. It adds more attractiveness.

The cowhides also find a great importance in the form of furniture. This is also an important part of a room décor. A quality cowhide rug when used in the form of furniture. This is a very new and innovative idea. Cowhides direct is one of the most authorized dealers of the products and is bringing the sales to a new height. There is the availability of a variety of articles from ottomans, furniture, desks, wall hangings and almost everything you desire. So, grab one of the best products to add an excellence to your home. There is never a shortage of beautifying articles from this reputed brand. Beautifying your home is an art. Always strive to increase the beauty of your home to make it resemble a palace. With the help and motivation of the customers, the company is on the verge of adding new innovative ideas to its product.

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