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All You Need To Know About Oven Vs Fryer

Having an air fryer or a convection oven is the best way to ensure you eat healthier food that does not have many fatty oils. They will both enable you to cook food with less coating oil. They are versatile appliances that have a lot in common. They work on the same principle which is the circulation of hot air on the food quickly transfer heat and minimize moisture in the cooking environment.


A Convection Oven 
A convection oven is similar to a traditional oven with the exception that it has a fan that circulates air. This enables the oven to cook food faster than a traditional oven due to the hot air that is blowing underneath the food. The food surface becomes crispier due to the removal of moisture and the surface becomes browner giving you better flavor development and color. Cooking with an oven will is great for roasting due to crisping and browning on the surfaces of vegetables and meat and the way it maintains their tenderness inside the foods.

An Air Fryer
An air fryer works like a convection oven and despite the nature of its name, it does not include a well of heated oil. It uses hot air by forcing it down through the above food basket. It also has a fan that above a heating element that forces air down. The results you get may not be the same as those from a normal fryer, which has oil, but they are relatively great. The fan circulates to give the food even distribution of heat.

The major difference between a convection oven and an air fryer is that the fryer has a basket at the bottom that contains the air forced down from the fryer while the convection oven is just a traditional oven with a fan. The other significant difference is in what they cook. For example, foods like cookies or pizza will definitely need a convection oven whole chicken and chips will do better in an air fryer.

When choosing between an air fryer or convection oven you should consider some things. You can get a convection oven in terms of long-term, investment because it will serve you in most of your cooking needs. In terms of price, you can opt to get a counter top oven and an air fryer since they go for almost the same price but if you are looking to invest in a convection oven, you should get the full size convection oven. In terms of size, you should get a countertop oven for a small kitchen and a full size oven for a larger kitchen. In the case of a fryer, it does not have space limitations except in the case that you need to roast large piece of meat like turkey. In terms of convenience you should go for a fryer because it is capable of heating or reheating food quickly hence you will be able to cook your food at a faster rate.

In conclusion, both the air fryer and convection oven are good additions in your kitchen. They will provide you with healthy food, which will enable you to maintain your health. You should choose to use them in your kitchen.



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