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Need a Roof? Think Skylights

No lighting beats natural light. If you’re building a home, consider lighting your home using skylights. These are types of openings on the roof built with either transparent or translucent material to allow natural light into the preferred room during the day.

Depending on the type of material, skylights come in different types for various rooms in your home. In this article, we’ll focus on the various types of skylights available and the pros and cons.

1. Ventilated Skylight
As the name suggests, this type of skylight acts as a ventilator and a skylight at the same time. It is perfect for areas like the bathroom and kitchen where excess smoke and moisture can build up. The skylight like a door that opens outward to allow fresh air and light.
Depending on your budget and preference, the skylight can be controlled automatically or manually. For example, if it starts raining, the skylight will close automatically.

2. Custom Skylight
If you have a roof that doesn’t allow for installation of the common skylights, then you might need to install a custom one. This type of skylight is made depending on the client’s order. Also, if you want a roof improvement, skylights can add an aesthetic look to the building.

3. Fixed Skylight
This is the most common type of skylight. They are fixed permanently and don’t open for any other function. They are common in attics and stairways with the entire material made of glass apart from the frame which is made of either steel, timber or aluminum.

4. Tubular Skylight
Tubular skylights are the latest entry into the market. Also known as the tube skylight, they come in handy when you have limited amount of roof space dedicated to skylight.

This skylight works in an interesting way. First, the top is covered, which is where the light enters, is covered with a dome. Travelling down from the dome is a tube line with mirrors on the inside to reflect the light from the outside all the way to the preferred room without any loss of light.
Since the skylight provide even illumination, it can be used to light aquariums and living walls.

5. Barrel Vault Skylight
This type of skylight isn’t good for residential buildings because of the limited privacy. At least 80% of the building’s roof is covered by skylight.

Such buildings include educational institutions, mall arcades, parking shelters, passageways and industrial buildings.

6. Pyramid Skylight
This skylight derives its title from the shape of the pyramids. You can request for any size depending on the requirements.

The best locations for the installation of this skylight include entry ways and lobbies or any big spaces. Installation needs to be accurate and precise, especially with the seals between the purlins and glass due to leaks.

7. Dome Shaped Skylight
These skylights are made of flexible and strong plastics. Due to the dome shape of the skylight, the light coming in is spread evenly in the entire room instead of the direct light. Even if the inlet is small, you can be sure the room will remain lit.

In many designs, the skylight is built with 2 layers, the insulation and the protection layers. The outside layer is thick and is tainted while the inside layer is thin and clear. Common uses include building entrances, reflecting pools, planters, paintings and murals.

Natural light saves on energy used in powering homes and rooms in other structures. You will need professionals to help you determine the kind of skylight needed depending on the structure in question. For that reason, you can seek the services of roofer Chesterfield VA.

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