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Men’s wallets: what to look for when buying one

If you have had the same wallet for more than ten years, you need to invest in a new one. A wallet needs to be both presentable and functional.

Functional: what does your wallet need?
If you are guilty of carrying a men’s leather wallet that is stuffed to the brim and waiting to explode, you need to start leaving some things at home. Not only does an overstuffed wallet look ugly, but it also messes up your attire when you have a bulging pocket. Moreover, a bulging wallet will make it very hard to sit down.

If you want to strip down your wallet, here are some things that you should carry:

Although electronic payments such as credit cards are being used more frequently, cash is still accepted and preferred by most people. It is convenient and fast, making your payment easier. When it comes to paying tips, cash is more convenient.

When choosing the identification papers to carry around, you should stick to the bare minimum. Your default should be a state ID card and a driver’s license. You do not need to carry a passport unless you are in a foreign country. Even then, you should photocopy it and leave the original in your hotel.

Credit cards
You only need one or two credit or debit cards. You do not need 7 credit cards in your wallet! Choose credit cards that offer a wide array of protections that debit card purchases do not offer.

Business cards
You should have your business cards with you at all times even if you are jobless or attending a social event. If you do not hold a specific position, you should obtain calling cards with your contact information and name. You do not need more than 5 business cards in your wallet at any one time.

You should leave library, medical, and club membership cards out of your wallet, unless you are certain that you will require them. You need to consider scanning these documents and keeping a digital copy on your phone in case you need them and cannot go home.

Presentable: what does a good wallet look like?
Wallets are not created equal, which is why you need to choose the best wallet for your needs. Here is an overview of different wallet styles that you should consider:

This is your basic tri-fold or bi-fold wallet in black leather material. It is acceptable for most occasions and can hold your essentials easily. A billfold should be your go-to wallet because of its simplicity, elegance, and timelessness.

Sport wallets
They are usually made from a synthetic weave and come in bright colors. Sport wallets are for men who need to keep the contents of their wallets in one location. You should reserve this wallet for a special occasion where it matches your attire.

Money clip
Although underrated, money clips are slimmer than wallets and ideal for men who are looking for a minimalist design. Moreover, they fit better in pockets than most billfolds do. If you like to color outside the lines, you can opt for a money clip design that doubles as a knife.

Travel wallet
These are larger than billfolds because they need to accommodate passports and tickets. They come with an attached neck thong or clip to help in preventing misplacement and theft. These wallets are not practical for daily use because they are too big.

In terms of style, all the above wallets come in a variety of designs and colors. You might opt for an alligator skin wallet or one made from recycled materials.



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