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Make Your Thailand Trip the Best It Can Be

Make Your Thailand Trip the Best It Can Be

When a lot of people think of Thailand, their thoughts only get about as far as Bangkok or Phuket. But then, when you think a little further outside the box, you remember that Thailand is a reasonably large, as well as a beautiful country with so much to see and do. Many people have never even considered visiting Krabi.

You can start by taking a few-hour drive or ferry trip to Krabi Province, unless you want to hurry and take a speed boat. In about an hour of jetting along from Rassada Pier, you can be on the beach, or take a local tour (involving shopping or not) in a place that’s very affordable and fun.


Chartering a boat is reasonably easy, as well as being one of the most enjoyable things to do in Krabi. If you don’t feel like being by yourself out on the water, or are on a more modest budget, there are still plenty of long tail or speedboat tours that will let you see the whole breadth of the area. One of the better aspects of Krabi is that it has less bumpy waters than some other coastal areas, which lets you get to places like Phi Phi with less turbulence than you might experience if you went straight from Phuket.

Amazing Views

There are plenty of hiking and bouldering opportunities once you get into the Krabi area. If you’re okay to tackle 1,237 steps in exchange for a fantastic view, you can hit up the Tiger Cave Temple to the northeast of Ao Nang. With tiger paw prints on the walls of the cave, this is an enjoyable site with some history, as well as the ability to survey most of the Krabi area at the top. It’s not every day that you can get in your steps, as well as see something that’s truly awe-inspiring in this way.

Another great place to find some amazing views is along the Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill nature trail. This is a trip that will take you the better part of a day, with walking and driving, all included. There are some incredible views to take in, with the added benefit that this is one of the lesser-known treks to many travelers.

Night Life

When the night falls, the market stays open, and the wares are worth it. Whether you want something touristy or just want to experience some delicious street food, Krabi Town is a great place to go when evening comes. Most of the souvenirs are authentic, locally made, and enjoyable. Night markets are worth exploring briefly, even if you’ve already visited the markets of Phuket.

After the market, why not stop for a drink? There are so many restaurants and bars worth visiting that are within an easy walk from the beach. Thirst and the lack of a good spot will never be one of your concerns. A stroll at the beach with a mai tai from the local cocktail van is worth the time.

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