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How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a bit like the CGI that have been a part of the film industry for so long, some of the early versions look decidedly out of date compared to the animations we now see in the latest blockbusters.

GIFs might conjure up images of websites where everything on the page seemed to be an animation, but not always in a good way when you consider the seemingly ever-present dancing babies and animated construction workers for example.

But thanks to modern design trends and improved technology, animated GIFs have definitely come of age and are much more sophisticated and relevant. They are even being considered as a serious art form in some circles.

This infographic shows you how to create some awesome animated GIFs from video files or YouTube videos. It also points you in the direction of some useful tools and apps to help you with your creations and shows you how to get serious with your animations if you have Photoshop.

There are also some neat tricks and tips to show you how to modify and enhance your GIF.

Although GIFs have been around for ages, they have come of age and are a great way to make a point in a powerful and unique way, so now is a good time to think Hollywood creative and stand out from the crowd.

Credit: whoishostingthis.com

How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs