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Why A Local Kitchener Window Manufacturer Is A Better Supplier

Never underestimate the importance of using long-lasting, high quality windows and doors in your Kitchener construction projects. New homebuyers expect more from developers, while many homeowners want to improve the performance of their windows and doors by using energy efficient products that will help reduce their monthly expenses.

Before you embark on your next home-building project, consider the benefits of purchasing windows and doors from a local Kitchener window manufacturer. You will notice the difference in craftsmanship and professional service that you can’t get from multinational suppliers. A local manufacturer like Golden Windows can provide you with the custom solutions you need to make your clients happy, whether you’re renovating a single home or building a new subdivision. If you want to maintain your reputation for quality, you will want to use the best materials. Your clients deserve the best from you and buying local can help you deliver.

Why A Local Kitchener Window Manufacturer Is A Better Supplier

What difference does a local manufacturer make? Besides a local showroom where your clients can pick out the window or door styles that they want to see used in their home, local manufacturer Golden Windows Kitchener is also an environmentally-conscious manufacturer. In addition to recycling their wood shavings (for animal bedding) and metal shavings (for insulation), they also source the wood they use from managed forests and manufacture everything in Kitchener, meaning they can cut down on fuel emissions for delivery.

Different window options to choose from include, but are not limited to, awnings, casements, sliders, and single or double hung windows. You can choose from standard or custom grille patterns and different types of frame materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and wood. A local window company in Kitchener can provide you with all your home-building needs in any style that your clients require.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average bill for property repairs and alterations is $4,000. Contractors will find that replacement windows are a popular renovation, especially as older windows lose their usefulness and homeowners look to find ways to cut down on ever-growing hydro bills. You will want to save your clients as much money as possible on their electricity and gas bills, which is something that Energy Star windows and doors from Golden Windows can accomplish. They use better insulating technology (like Low-E coatings) to reduce heat loss and transference. That means that they both keep heat indoors in the winter and block some of the heat that can make your home unpleasantly hot in the summer. Energy efficient windows will also protect your client’s flooring, carpeting and furniture from fading due to harsh UV sun damage. High-quality windows will have outstanding thermal performance in the hottest and coldest weather conditions. Energy efficient windows can cut the cost of energy bills by 12% according to Energy Star.