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John Wilhelm Takes Funny Photos Of His Daughters

Her last flight with Vultureair

Winterthur, Switzerland-based photographer John Wilhelm captures entertaining photos of his family. He creates different, imaginative settings and takes various photos of his lovely daughters while playing with them. John Wilhelm calls himself photoholic and says “There is one thing of importance in my life (of course after my family, friends and regular job): Everything connected to photography and photoshopping.” Have a look at his photography here and remember to share John’s amazing work with others.

Bolshoi ballet - junior class warm up



Lou & Mila aka Thelma & Louise

Moom! Dad is over here!!!

Disarming innocence

Bullfight lessons

The weekly Hurricane

Just a little beaver

Just a disturbing phone call

Just the annual guilty conscience

Just exhausted parents

Pump up the volume

Just a little business girl

Diabetic coma

Springtime! Bugtime! Macrotime!

"Oops... no Mom I don't know where my little sister is!"

The rebellious easter bunny

Lost freight

Bigfoot Lou

Sad Cowgirl

El Présidente

Brinkmann & Carrel

Just a funny soother

Downhill Girl

The big girl in the small hut

Peeping Lou

Bus stop

Getaway from Regensburg


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