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Japan Travel Guide: Tips when Traveling with your Family

Traveling with your family to a foreign nation may be quite stressful in a lot of ways: geographical unfamiliarity, language issues, budget considerations, where to stay, etc. Even if your destination is well known and frequently visited by tourists, it might be quite hard to locate the most efficient tricks and trips for effective navigation. Japan is definitely not excluded if anything, the nation of Japan with its beautiful glory is among the most difficult destinations for visitors who are English speakers. Here are some quality tips to help you experience seamless navigation.

Be Equipped for your Families Flight to Japan
If you are on a budget which most likely if you have a large family you would be on, endeavor to use a low-priced airline. It might appear as a daunting task flying a budget airline with your family but you can definitely manage it if you prepare well for it. Below are the steps listed out:

1. Budget airlines
2. Come along with extra snacks for your kids even after choosing the food option
3. Choose the entertainment package to keep your keeps engaged.

You can easily get quality lodging reservations when traveling with your family by using Airbnb. This would certainly ease up the stress of trying to find the best place for your family to stay.

Make Use of Public Transport Once in Japan
The most economical way for your family to move from place to place is the Japan Rail Pass, especially if you are going to be in the country for more than a week. Traveling by train between major cities is one of the best approaches. What is really great about this is you can actually purchase them before getting to Japan.

The train stations in Japan are one of the best in the world and are known for running on time, so your family won’t miss a tourist appointment when using the rail system and you get to spend within your budget.
Attractions in Japan
This certainly among the most exciting aspects of visiting Japan as there are numerous activities for your family to engage in as well as visit and they include

1. The Neer Deer Park
2. Sumo Wrestling
3. Osaka Castle
4. Tokyo Disney Sea
5. Tsukiji Fish Market

Decide what Food you want in Japan with your Family
It can be quite a stressful experience feeding a large family outside your home. As much as you may want to experience Japanese cuisine, ensure you pack enough snacks so in your long days exploring and sightseeing your family is energetic enough.

There are some great places to eat in Japan such as:

1. Okonomiyaki “Kiji in the Takimi-koji Mall
2. Shinjuku Tsunahachi

In the city of Osaka the Okonomiyaki-ya located in the Takimi-koji mall is very popular not just to tourist but the locals, hence if you want your family to enjoy quality time there, you may want to go there during non traditional meal hours otherwise you may have to wait for minutes or even hours to get your order taken or even to be seated. If you have a lot of kids, this may not be an enjoyable experience.

Okonomiyaki is a pancake made in a Japanese way and will be very enjoyable for your family. What’s amazing about this place is you get to watch the chef whip your meal up, firsthand.

Shinjuku Tsunahachi
This eats out in Tokyo is also very popular among the locals, knowing the right time to go in order to avoid the crowd of the locals would save you a lot of stress as you may have to wait up to 40 minutes to get seated with your family.

This place has a western menu showing you how to eat your meal which makes it much easier and fun for kids. You also get to watch the chef cook your food which can be quite fascinating.

Japan holds a lot of fun and excitement for the whole family, from the Nara Deer Park to the Sumo wrestling ring there is a lot of activities for every member of your family to feel enthusiastic about the trip. Following these tips above you can be sure your family has the best experience in Japan.

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