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Is My House Right for Solar Panels?

Renewable sources of energy are really popular these days, especially solar energy. And rightly so, since they are inexhaustible, readily available, and most importantly they do not pollute the environment like the fossil fuels do. Most US states encourage their citizens to invest in their own personal solar installations through various rebates and tax deductions.

California is one of those states, and being in the Sun Belt, it is a great place to exploit solar energy. If you are interested in installing your own solar panels, you can consult https://actionsolar.net/ to figure what your options are. However, even before you consult experts, you can more or less evaluate how successful solar panels would be on your house.

The Location
Some places are simply better for solar energy than others, there’s no way around that. In some regions of the USA, like Alaska, the amount of sunlight available throughout the year simply isn’t big enough to make solar panels viable as an energy source. Other parts of the country are too close to nuclear or fossil fuel power plants, which makes electricity from those sources a lot cheaper than solar power can be at this moment.

One of the biggest obstacles in promoting green energy, however, can be local state lawmakers who can determine how easy it to promote solar energy. Fortunately, there are plenty of states where all conditions are good or even ideal for the growth of solar energy, most notably on the west coast, as well as in New England.

Bring Out the Compass
The USA lies on the northern hemisphere, which means that the rays of the sun come mostly from the south, which means that you will need to have a side of the roof which faces south for the best results. However, that is not the most important part of the solar energy equation. In fact, even if you don’t have a south-facing roof, you may still be a good candidate for solar power since west-facing roofs will be very effective as well, especially during the afternoons.

The Roof Itself
The shape and the material of your roof are not the deciding factors if you want to have solar panels, but certain configurations are simply easier to work with and the job can be done more easily and cheaply.
First of all, the roofing material can be an issue due to the mountings of the solar panel construction. The best option is to have standing seam asphalt or, even better, metal shingles on it. In that case, attaching the solar panels is easy and doesn’t require drilling into the roof.

The shape of the roof is less important, but once again, it would the simplest if it was rectangular, since the panels are rectangular themselves. Not only will you be able to fit the largest number of panels on such a roof, but they would also all be facing the same way and producing the maximum amount of electricity.

Solar panels need direct exposure to the sun to work. That means that if there is something blocking your home from direct sunlight for the majority of the day, your solar panels will be woefully unproductive. What’s more, due to the way solar panels are connected, if one panel is shaded and reduces productivity, it affects the whole system.

There are easy ways to avoid the shade problem. For instance, if trees are causing it, simply prune the trees until they are no longer posing a problem. If you have an open space elsewhere on your property which is well insolated, you can place your solar panels there with equal results.

Solar energy is the way forward, especially in sunny states and regions. It can also be viewed as a great investment which helps you cut costs and help save the environment, which can definitely raise the value of your home. Action Solar offers great terms to homeowners, as well as businesses.


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