Impressive Reflections Through Puddles

What inspires the photographers the most is undoubtedly the nature with all its stills and happenings. Each season has its own unique beauties and winter is so special with the snow blanket that covers everywhere and the rain that tip-tap on your windowpane. Nowadays, rain puddles are what stimulate the photographers to double the magnificence of winterscapes in one capture. They take both the real image and its reflection on the rain puddle and share it on Instagram with the popular hashtag #puddlegram. Surely, they’ve done a great job with the puddles. You can see our selection of puddlegrams that lensed by various instagrammers here.

Christopher Ferris – Instagram: christopherferris
christopherferris Christopher Ferris

David Ephraim Beck – Instagram: ephraimbeck

Haekal Ryan – Instagram: hackalkun
hackalkun Haekal Ryan

Irie – Instagram: irie_squares
irie_squares 2



Paeders – Instagram: paeders
paeders 1

paeders 2


James Roach – Instagram: roachbytes
roachbytes James Roach 2

roachbytes James Roach

Melissa – Instagram: ropizamaldonado
ropizamaldonado Melissa

Sébastien Pélegrin – Instagram: seb_gordon
seb_gordon Sébastien Pélegrin 2

seb_gordon Sébastien Pélegrin 3

seb_gordon Sébastien Pélegrin

The Wild Traveller- Instagram: thewildtraveller

Vantagepointnyc – Instagram: vantagepointnyc
vantagepointnyc 2

vantagepointnyc 3

vantagepointnyc 4

vantagepointnyc 5

vantagepointnyc 6


vtechvisual – Instagram: vtechvisual
vtechvisual 2

vtechvisual 3

vtechvisual 4

vtechvisual 5

vtechvisual 6


Joe Della Vedova – Instagram: whos_joe
whos_joeJoe Della Vedova

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