Illustration Inspiration: Top Tips for Collecting Prints

Collecting prints is a fun and rewarding hobby that many people enjoy. You may already collect paintings and want to diversify your collection, or you may just love prints for what they are.

They can also be a great place to start for new collectors who don’t want to spend too much on artwork as soon as they get started.

Whatever the reason you are interested in prints, here are some tips to help you when you first start collecting.

Work Out What You Like

The first thing to do is work out what you like when it comes to prints. When you are first starting out, don’t worry too much about trends. Just start looking around and start developing your own tastes. Collecting prints is often for pleasure rather than profit, although that’s not to say it can’t be profitable.

Start by visiting specialist sites like Follio and see the independent artists featured. Find out which prints you like and which stand out to you. By all means ask a specialist, but right now you want to choose prints that you enjoy looking at.

Contemporary or Vintage?
Once you start looking into prints more, you may want to choose between contemporary and vintage. Of course, you could collect both, but it may help to give you some direction if you choose a general type of print that you are interested in.

Just be aware that vintage prints may be more expensive, and they might not be in pristine condition.

Search Online
You don’t always have to see prints in person before you buy them, and there are plenty of trusted places that sell prints online. Just make sure the store has a good reputation and that you can trust them when they tell you what condition the print is in.

Learn More About Printing
It also helps to learn more about the actual technique of printing. You can do this by reading books and talking to specialists. For example, learn about what a linocut is and how this differs from screen printing, and also find out about the role the artist has.

You should also learn some more about collecting prints, which you can often do online.

Find Out About Current Trends
Once you start learning more about prints and your collection is growing based on your personal tastes, start finding out about trends. What is happening right now? Speak to a specialist and they will have a good idea about the trends.

These change all the time, but it can help to give you some more direction, and it can be especially useful if you want to build a collection as an investment.

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