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How to Renovate Without Breaking The Bank!

The great renovation is eponymous with the Australian dream – we all have plans to turn the old spare room into to something a little bit more special, but sometimes things get in the way! You name it: life, babies, school fees, something always ends up running the plans for the awesome renovation you have in mind. If you’re not too time poor, and have some time on the weekend to do a little bit of renovating, then this is an easy guide for how to do cost-effective renovations on your home – on the cheap! Good luck, and enjoy the renovation process! It’s a rewarding and fun way to spend a weekend or two. Or five, depending on how gung ho you go!

How to Renovate Without Breaking The Bank! Image Credit: michelleneujahr

Step one

Get organised before you get started! If you can reorganise and make sure that your home, kitchen, bathroom or spare room is ready to go as much as possible to even rebuild to make more space you can start by replacing shelves for drawers we can even put shelves in the walls this is really true in the kitchen where the need to gain more space pays off by not having to do too much at all!

Step Two

Let there be light – at not much cost! Lighting can put a big hole in your pocket, that is if you’re looking for bi-fold doors or big windows. So if this is the case you might need to consider less invasive and less expensive ways of getting light into your room. For example, to brighten up the hallway you can put in a cheap (or relatively inexpensive) skylight or even use a mirror is to disturb your light throughout your home.

Step Three

You can reap some big savings with recycled or second-hand fixtures and building materials.  Be aware though, that some tradies and builders won’t guarantee their work if they have to use stuff that you salvaged, because they don’t want to assume any liability if something happens to go wrong. That said, if you’re going to be doing it all yourself you can find pretty much anything online or at second-hand stores, from doors to sky lights to windows and even reclaimed hardwood timber floors!

Step Four

Think in the long-term! Even if it might be a little bit more expensive now, you can save on an expensive painting or finishing job in the future if the job is done properly the first time. It’s far better to take the hit up front and get a quality job or fixture in, than it is to spend time and money down the track and avoid too much pain the future when you don’t expect it!

How to Renovate Without Breaking The Bank! Image Credit: amareinteriors

Step Five

Use your tradesmen! When it comes to things like floors, sinks, or windows just ask your trades man if he has stock left over from something else, or has mates who are on another job. Sometimes tradesmen have mates who are just going to trash things from a demolition job and just want things taken away. This means that you can get something for a lot cheaper than buying it new. If you’re lacking inspiration, why not visit the Futurewood website to view their composite cladding range?

Step Six

Knock it all down and start again! Sadly, the fact is that often it can cost more to do a major renovation than it costs to knock it all down and start again. You need to think carefully about the options and figure out if demolishing and starting again is a cost-effective option. Also, don’t get builders in their peak period, wait until there is an off-season and fit in around them to get the best price.