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How to Generate More Customer Reviews

How to Generate More Customer Reviews

In today’s digital landscape, few consumers will purchase without first doing a ton of research. From incessant Google sleuthing to scouring various online properties for reviews on a product or service, if people have written positive things about a company, it will pay off in increased sales.

Just look at Amazon. Aside from free shipping and AI-driven product recommendations, their abundance of customer reviews has made them a leader in e-commerce. But how does your brand get one customer to leave a review, let alone hundreds?

Let’s look at how to generate more customer reviews for your online business.

Identify Your Loyal Users Whether your end goal is to getting feedback on premium web templates you’re deciding among or generating more customer reviews, it’s wise to work backward toward your goal. There’s no easier group of people to target for feedback or review opportunities than your already loyal customers. When somebody has purchased or used your service several times in the past, they’re probably fans. These people should be your first target in trying to generate reviews.

Send Personalized, Post-Purchase Emails

Once you’ve identified your loyal customers, reach out to them after their latest purchase asking if they’d be interested sharing their response so prospective customers can get a better idea of the value your business provides. If they’re as big of a fan as their purchase history indicates, they’ll probably be all about it.

For new customers or customers who’ve only made a few purchases to-date, wait a few weeks after their order to reach out. You’ll want to give them time to accurately assess your product before you ask them to share their experience. When the time’s right, send a carefully crafted personal email, thanking them for their business, asking how their shopping experience was, and if they’d be interested reviewing the product or the experience they had with your store. It’s generally considered a poor practice to offer monetary incentives to get customers to leave reviews, but offering a small discount on their next order in exchange for a review could make sense for some companies.

Monitor Your Social Profiles

Have an active social following? You should be closely monitoring it anyway for marketing opportunities, but especially so when it comes to targeting candidates for reviews. Whether it’s Instagrams, Tweets, Facebook posts or a mention on another social medium, anyone talking about your brand is an engaged user. Send these people a private message asking for their thoughts on your company and if they’d like to share their honest opinions in a review. Simple as that. You can incentivize them by offering to repost, retweet, etc. their post to your entire audience. If you have a robust social following, active users will love the opportunity to be broadcast to your community. It’s a win-win.

Iterate and Repeat

Whether you’re using social or email to generate customer reviews, your process won’t be perfect at the start. Keep tweaking your messaging and tactics based on your success rates until you achieve a desirable outcome. Even then, it can be helpful to A/B test your messaging. For example, one message could be a straightforward ask while the other could offer some kind of incentive (doesn’t have to be monetary, get creative). The messaging that best resonates with your customer will depend on the type of business you operate, so think critically, make adjustments, and soon you’ll have plenty of customer reviews highlighting your business.

Learning how to generate more customer reviews (and efficiently) is a process. Targeting your most loyal customers, scanning social for those already engaged with your brand and reaching out to them either through direct messaging or email will slowly generate reviews. You might find that customer reviews are a snowball effect. The more reviews you get through your efforts, the more customers start reviewing your products or services without you even asking them. Everyone wants to be a part of a community after all, and when customers see that others are talking about you, they’ll want to chime in too.

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