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Homemade Spa: 10 Body Scrub Recipes

It is nice to get a little suntan during summer but now all of us are back home and need a total body care immediately to renew ourself for the upcoming season. To achieve that we use body scrubs that exfoliate dead layers and help our skin look healthier and smoother. Although you can find various products in shops, it is also possible to make them by yourself. To refresh your canvas, we are offering 10 beauty recipes that will help you create the relaxing spa treat at home in an inexpensive way. Scrub and massage your body regularly with these formulas not only to have younger and more radiant skin but also to increase the flow of blood circulation.

CitrusCitrusRecipe: homemakerchic

Hand, Foot and Body ScrubHand,Foot and Body ScrubRecipe: thetipgarden

Honey and AlmondHoney and AlmondRecipe: theapplediaries


LavenderRecipe: deliciouslyorganized

MangoMangoRecipe: henryhappened

PinkPretty in PinkRecipe: savynaturalista

Coconut, Honey and Ground RiceCoconut, Honey and Ground RiceRecipe: homemadewellbeing


CoffeeRecipe: makeupandbeautyhome

Lavender and CoconutLavender CoconutRecipe: becauseimaddicted

VanillaVanillaRecipe: cutoutandkeep


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