Hiring a Wedding Soul Band for Your Big Event

Soul music is a genre of music that has been around in the U.S. since the 1950’s and it combines different elements of music from African American gospel, rhythm and blues as well as jazz. The product is a very smooth and rich sound that has a catchy rhythm. Soul music makes people want to move and dance and it has a very relaxing sound. Hiring a wedding soul band for your special day can be ideal for a number of reasons as soul music is very versatile and practical. In most areas you should be able to find a wedding soul band that you will be able to book for your event and your guests will be pleased with the entertainment that you are providing.

Some of the benefits of hiring a wedding soul band for your big event include the following:

Dinner Entertainment

Having some form of entertainment during the dinner hour is always a nice touch at your wedding. It tends to feel very awkward when dinner begins and the entertainment stops for the time being, leaving only silence behind. A wedding soul band can change their level of volume and level of intensity and provide a very relaxing sound for your dinner that will entertain people and keep them having a good time.


Dancing Entertainment

When dinner and dessert are over you will want to pick up the tempo a bit and a wedding soul band can change their tempo and speed to suit your guests. Not only is soul music great as a background sound for dinner but you can also get moving on the dance floor to this sound as well. Instead of your traditional wedding DJ, a wedding soul band is a good form of dancing entertainment.



A wedding soul band is very versatile because people of all ages will enjoy and appreciate this music. You do not have to worry about your DJ playing club-type music that the older people at your wedding will not like. It is always nice to pay attention to all of the guests at your wedding and pick something that everyone will enjoy.


A soul band is a very affordable entertainment option for your special day. Usually you will pay your band for the number of hours that they will be playing but a wedding soul band is typically going to be much more affordable than say a rock band or wedding DJ that utilizes a lot more equipment and people.


Chances are that you have never been to a wedding that had a live soul band at it. Chances are, most of your guests are in the same boat. If you have a lot of family and friends then chances are you have been to a lot of weddings and they can get very boring and cookie cutter. A soul band is a unique addition to your wedding that will provide entertainment but in a way that is unlike anything anybody has ever experienced at their event.

If you are looking to hire a soul band for your next event you can contact Live Music Management for more information. LMM promotes bands that work in a variety of locations including Ireland, Wales, Scotland and more. Your guests will always talk about your wedding as being a fun and unique event that was unlike any other wedding they have ever been to and you will have memories that will last a lifetime.

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