Guide to Buying the Best Hot Tub in 2019

You’ve got the house, you’ve got the patio, you’ve got the fantastic yard, now all you need is a luxurious hot tub to sooth away your daily aches and pains caused by the many stressors of life. In fact, ever since the days of the ancient Romans, humans have been using hot water baths as a way to socialize and destress. Whether you’re looking for an acrylic hot tub, an outdoor hot tub or an indoor hot tub, the following list can help you find the right hot tub to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Best inflatable hot tubs:

· Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub: If you know you want a hot tub, but aren’t sure you want it to be a permanent installation in your home, then this may be the tub for you. It seats four to six people and is easy to set up without extra tools.

· Intex PureSpa: This is your tub if you’re in the market for cool blow-up hot tubs. This awesome hot tub is topping lists because it is both affordable and luxurious. It features integrated hard water treatment and an aesthetic design that will complement the style of your yard. It has 120 air jets for a total massage experience, and comes with a cover, helping you save energy and money.

Best two-person hot tubs:

· Aquarest Premium 300 2-Person Plug and Play: The Aquarest Premium is rotationally molded with durable and recyclable thermoplastic. Plug it into an outlet or convert it from 120-volts to 240-volts with installation by a professional electrician. It has many energy-saving features including foam insulation, an energy-efficient pump and heater and a vinyl sealing cover. An Easy Klean water filtration system keeps water clean, while an Ozone system oxidizes the water, destroying contaminants and bacteria, keeping you and your family safe. This model comes in three finishes, graystone, brownstone or cobblestone, so you can choose the color that best fits with your home décor.

· Canadian Spa Company 2-Person Hot Tub: Enjoy all of the frills of a large luxury spa, all in the compact form of the Canadian Spa Company 2-Person Hot Tub. This tub will easily fit into smaller spaces, while still featuring eight jets per person for a luxurious spa experience.

Best three-person hot tubs:

· QCA Spas Riviera Hot Tub: If you are looking for a medium-sized hot tub that will still fit into areas where space is limited, then this could be your tub. It features 36 total jets and uses a “plug-and-play” system with a 120-volt outlet compatible power cord. An energy-efficient heater and pump saves you money while taking care of the environment.

· HotSpring Jetsetter: With the HotSpring Jetsetter, there’s no need to sacrifice luxury for a compact size. This hot tub is easy to install and features 14 jets, specifically placed in areas to best target your back, neck, shoulders and calves. A ComfortControl system lets you customize the strength of the jets, while a Freshwater Salt System keeps water clean and sanitized for a full year.

Best four-five person hot tubs:

· Essential Hot Tubs Integrity-11 Jet Hot Tub: This tub is crafted from granite resin with an energy-saving, foam-insulated cabinet. It features 11 hydrotherapy jets for massaging your back and feet, and an open-bench seating design, allowing for more people to join the party.

· Canadian Spa Company 4-Person: A smaller profile than the average hot tub makes this tub ideal for areas with limited space, while still delivering the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. This tub features four spots, with space for a 5th person if needed. A durable acrylic shell is easy to clean, and high-capacity water jets offer a massage-like experience.

Best six-person hot tubs:

· AquaRest Spas Elite 600 6-Person Hot Tub: Invite your friends over for the ultimate spa experience. This tub features an easy clean filtration system for cleanliness and purity, and an energy-saving, marine-grade vinyl thermal cover.

· Hudson Bay Spa XP34: This tub is powerful, energy-efficient and a breeze to install. It simply plugs into an outlet for instant enjoyment and features a sleek design that won’t cramp your home’s style. The shell is made from slip-resistant Lucite acrylic, made even more durable with multi-layer fiberglass enforcements. 34 jets target the shoulders, neck, calves and feet for a sumptuous message feel.

Now that you are familiar with some of the best hot tubs on the market, you are prepared to bring home the hot tub that best matches your needs, and add the finishing touches to your indoor or outdoor space. Whether you are looking for an inflatable hot tub, a ceramic hot tub, a small hot tub or a large hot tub, today’s market offers a wide selection for you to choose from. So, sit back, relax and let the water jets do the work.

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