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Great Ways To Prepare Your Home For House Sit 

I know, house sitting and home decoration has never been mentioned in the same sentence before. That’s perhaps because most homeowners rarely see house sitters as anything more than an ordinary person whose only skill is to take care of pets and houses. House sitting is becoming a popular practice all over Australia and the least you can do to ensure the person you entrust with the job of overseeing your pets and house while you are away will have a lovely and comfy stay is to prepare your home for a house sit. There are so many ways to prepare your home before you hire a house sitter Australia.

Conduct a Thorough Cleanup 
House sitting is not babysitting. A house sitter’s main role is to oversee your home and everything inside it but not to babysit and clean up the mess you leave around while going for a trip. Before you let in the house sitter, it will be good you tide up and clean your house. Starting from the kitchen, bedroom, and bathtubs to the showers, everything should be cleaned and tidied up.

Get all Broken Fittings Repaired 
A house sitter is not a plumber or electrician. They are simply experts in the sector of taking care of houses and possessions. Therefore, leaving those broken taps, showers, bulbs, and fixtures unattended is the harshest thing you can do to someone who has dedicated their life to make sure your home and pets are properly attended to in your absence. Get an electrician to fix all electrical faults and a plumber to repair all the broken and faulty plumbing systems.

Get the House Repainted 
The first impression matters a lot. If the first thing your house sitter see after entering your home compound is faded exterior house look, that will be their first impression about you. They may not even pay much attention to make sure your house is properly cared for. To avoid such issues, it is best to get your house repainted before you hire any house sitter Australia.

Add Some Security Systems 
Not all the time the house sitter will be around. Sometimes, they will go out to attend to unavoidable issues. Having smart security systems set in place is a great way to ensure that even when your house sitter is not around, your house and possessions will be fully safe.

Where to Find Trustworthy House Sitters in Australia 
After you have prepared your house ready for a house sit, it will be important to find a trustworthy and experienced house sitter. There are many organizations and sites that offer house sitters. One of the best sites you can count on to find the most trustworthy and experienced house sitters in Australia is HappyHouseSitters. Homeowners all over Australia have come to love this site because of their devotion and credibility in providing quality house sitting services. All their house sitters are highly qualified and have the knowledge to take care of different types and grades of houses. You can link with them on social media or call them to inquire more about their services.

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