Give Your Old T-shirts New Life

We know all of you have many old t-shirts ignored in deep corners of your wardrobes. Don’t you think it is time to repurpose them? By the help of some really creative projects you can turn them into jewelery, headbands, rugs and even tote bags. To me, the simplest one is the tote bag, you can give it priority to try and the hardest one can be the rug as it requires both patience and talent. All in all, collect your old tees and start having fun with one of these diys.

diy-old-shirt-headbandTutorial: miloandben

iPod Holder
diy-old-shirt-ipod-holderTutorial: ohsoprettythediaries

Rosebud Bracelet
diy-old-shirt-braceletTutorial: 3peppers-recipes

Pet Toy
diy-old-shirt-pet-toyTutorial: kittenhood

Knot Ring
diy-old-shirt-ringTutorial: annaevers

diy-old-shirt-rugTutorial: luriandwilma

diy-old-shirt-scarfTutorial: annaevers

diy-old-shirt-skirtTutorial: makeit-loveit

diy-old-shirt-pillowTutorial: justcraftyenough

Tote Bag
diy-old-shirt-tote-bagTutorial: brit

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