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Getting The Best Deck Material For You

A deck can offer a great outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing. Have a great view? You can fully enjoy it with the possibility of a deck space. Decorate your deck in your favorite outdoor furniture or add a sitting space to your green backyard. Either way, having a space to relax on a flat, solid surface can make those summers evenings even more enjoyable.

Getting The Best Deck Material For You

Now, when it comes to the fun part of designing your deck, it can sometimes get a little difficult. When deciding what the best material is, you should choose the best material for you. Some may not know this, but each deck material has it’s own great uses. Especially when it comes to the climate, it’s imperative to not just go off of looks and consider what environment will treat your deck the best. Humid climates like New Jersey can prove to be difficult for some deck materials, so it’s essential to get a quality deck contractor New Jersey to get the best results.

Here are some of the favorable deck materials many use for their outdoor space design.

Deck Materials
North American Cedar – This is an excellent deck material that allows the owner to have the look and feel of wood while having a corrosion resistant option. It is very stable and doesn’t swell or shrink too much. With it’s lighter weight, it can truly be used to make a masterpiece.

Getting The Best Deck Material For You

PVC is a low maintenance decking material that allows the owner to simply enjoy their outdoor space. PVC can be very resistant to moisture and it is difficult to fade. This type of material is also slip resistant.

Ipe – If you want something durable, Ipe can be great to consider. It has a difficult time warping or twisting. This material is very low maintenance and can last over 30 years thanks to its tough nature.

How To Maintain Your Deck
It’s imperative to keep up your deck whatever material you use. This can protect your investment by elongating  the life span. Here are some helpful tips to maintaining your outdoor space.

  • Sweep away any leaves, dirts, and or debris before cleaning your deck with deck cleaner
  • Read the label of the deck cleaner you may use as the manufacturer will know the best way to use it and what deck material it should be used on
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands
  • Most deck cleaners need to sit for about 15 to 20 minutes after use so that it can work properly to remove any stains
  • Make sure to rinse the deck after using deck cleaner
  • After cleaning the deck, let it dry for two days depending on the cleaner, you may also want to apply UV protection to the deck after it dries
  • If you want to apply a wood preservative the deck must be clean

Having a deck can do wonders for your home. Not only is it great for entertainment and family BBQ’s, you can add value to your home financially. It’s important though to get help from a quality deck contractor.