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Futuristic Wind Turbine Doubles as Modern Apartments

Wind turbine, meet apartment complex. Futuristic modern apartments can combine wind turbines and an apartment complexes. Futuristic modern apartments will harvest natural energy while making sustainable housing a possibility.

The glass and steel structure is comprised of three distinct inset circles, each performing different functions. The outermost ring houses rotating cabins for short term residents wanting to take a peak at the best views of the city. The center ring is host to 72 stationary apartments the longer term residents, commercial space as well as hotel rooms for short-term guests. Last but not least, the inner circle houses the wind turbine. Waste produced by visitors and residents will create a biogas, while rainwater would be recycled after being  harvested for utilities.

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The wind turbine/apartment complex is innovative, practical and benefits the community economically as well as aesthetically if it is to be built.

From Sharply Angular Apartments to Private Garden Apartments

Futuristic apartments are tiny yet comfy and livable, tend to be rather angular in design.
As a matter of fact, even though apartments are generally on the small side, most architects have been able to  find ways to make small space seem bigger than they are. Some cool features of the futuristic modern apartments include rotating walls giving living rooms a few extra inches and folding furniture. Another great feature that is on the new trend is there are multiple architecture firms working hard to build complexes that are more eco-friendly, incorporating a lot more green spaces instead of being satisfied and settling for plain concrete jungles.

For the city-dweller in life, futuristic modern apartments will be the best choice of main dwelling places within the next several years.

The Cube Court House is a Secluded Paradise for Green Living

For those who want to enjoy the futuristic modern apartments or homes and  also want to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature’s gifts for green living without having to deal with or worry about the outside world’s hustle and bustle, the Cube Court House is by far, the perfect choice of an abode. The Cube Court house is a home that provides a humble, quaint, eco-friendly structure that will make each and every breath full of nothing but fresh air.

To aid in the conservation of electricity this humble abode had brilliant designers who  implemented a huge frosted glass wall that brings in and filters natural light. The courtyard is the center  of this futuristic modern apartment or home and is the connection for all rooms bringing together the roommates or families will feel  close to each other all with the benefits of being able to access nothing but pure, fresh air without having to venture out on a journey into the great outdoors. The Cube Court House is known for its very basic exterior design. The all-white exterior with a hint of cool blue to mimic the sky, this beautiful home has a cleaner look than the other old-fashioned dwellings and the home will always continues to stray far away from the old way of life and has interior conditions that will make the environment happy by  taking  families into a life of solidarity with those who are eco-friendly. This house is where eco-friendly lives and domesticated life meet.

Futuristic modern apartments will be a combination of cool eco-friendly materials, textures and colors that provide balanced and harmonious looks.  The futuristic approach to interior designs will include features that appeal to the minimalist and use diverse color palettes and crisp lines.

Experienced investors in this sector will know how to find futuristic apartments or you can find sites like PrestigeInternational.com which specializes in luxury apartments.

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