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Would a French Drain System Stop My Basement from Flooding?

We have seen the devastation that hurricanes can do to the towns on the coastline of the United States. However, even if the hurricane does not make a direct hit it does cause major damage due to flooding. Of course, these types of floods are not stoppable; however, there are ways you can waterproof the lower levels of your home that will aid in stopping flooding.

For those that have a home in a valley or any other low-lying area, you already know that a fast downpour of rain will have the water flowing over the curb and into your yard. The problem is that many times the water will be high enough to find its way into your basement or other lower levels of your home. There are different ways you can avoid this and one of these if a French drain.

A French drain also is known as an agricultural drain, sub-soil drain, and French ditch to name a few. This type of drain is actually a trench that is filled with rock or gravel or will hold a perforated pipe that will redirect rainwater from the surface as well as groundwater away from your home. The drain has a pipe that is hollow and perforated on the bottom so it will vent water fast that will seep into the rock or gravel instead of pooling at the foundation of your home or enter the lower levels of your home such as your basement.

The main reason you would want to install a French drain is that you live in an area where you have minor flooding throughout the year due to downpours of rain that the city drainage system cannot handle and it pours into your yard and floods your home or pools against your foundation. When water stands against your foundation it can cause all kinds of damage.

The main water damage can be due to soil erosion around the foundation which allows the foundation to move or crack which will allow water to enter your home via the foundation. Not only will water damage your foundation, but it can also enter your basement and do even more damage. Once you remove the water from the lower levels of your home, you still have to worry about what type of damage was left behind in crawl spaces and other areas that you may not even see with your eyes. Mold and mildew love this type of environment and can quickly take over your basement or another area that the water has stood for even a short amount of time.

The only way to know if a French drain will solve your problems is by talking with a professional that understands the area in which you live and the type of damage you can expect. By talking with a professional that does waterproofing in your hometown, you will know the best solution for protecting your home from any type of flooding.