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I Found the best Wedding Photographer for my Remarriage

Divorces in India are not that common, and people only with courage can again stand to get remarried. Despite having a traumatic phase in my first marriage, after 5 years of long duration, I found myself someone who was just perfect for me despite his all imperfections. I was happy that I finally found somebody to praise me, appreciate me and love me with all he had. I was going to have my D-day just after a few weeks and I had a lot of preparations to be done. But the most important thing I wanted to have was a professional Wedding Photographer.

Finding a professional wedding photographer in my small society was a real tough job. I had no clue that from where will I get the one to click the best marriage pictures on my wedding day. It was indeed screwing me up and was preventing me from getting indulged in the other preparations. I just had a group of friends and no one to help me at the situation. I found myself really helpless about that.

UrbanClap App was a Real Rescue
Obviously I had hundreds and hundreds of choices, but you must have the time too, in order to find the best one among them. And the most important issue was that I didn’t had time to go out and search for the professionals, neither I had time to go shop to shop and find the best one. Even, I went to one or two but that was worthless. Then one of my friends told me about UrbanClap. She told me that she is a regular user of UrbanClap for all her service needs and there nothing to worry about as at UrbanClap, they are all professionals.

She told me to download the app on my device. It just took me a few seconds to get it downloaded over my phone. I filled up few of my details and we were all set to go. I was going through their portfolios, when I found someone with the most attractive Portfolio. Without wasting a single second I sent him a personalised message asking for his quote. He sent his complete portfolio to me and sent the quote too. His photographs were amazing. They all were detailed with best lighting and various other effects.

Why you should Choose UrbanClap?
Now, this is an obvious question, Why to get them from UrbanClap? It is because UrbanClap takes the feedback from the service seekers and assure them with better services, If anything goes wrong with the customers. Next thing is that I wasn’t disappointed by the services provided by the Wedding Photographer, I got from UrbanClap. He and his team have a very good job and was the best in their profession. The photographs looked real and just captivating.

Whatever he assured about the photographs were true and he indeed made the most beautiful moment of my life, picture perfect. I was too happy to find the photographs similar to them what I wanted to have. UrbanClap is indeed the best app for all the service seekers who so ever are pissed up with continuous service hunting processes.

How to find the best Wedding Photograph on UrbanClap
Finding the best wedding Photographer in Chennai on UrbanClap is indeed very easy. At first, it looked a little tough and I was a bit confused. But gradually I got to know the few functionalities of the app. In order to get the best Wedding Photographer, I concentrated a lot over going through the few portfolios I received. I had a word with the one who’s Portfolio I found the best. After the face to face meeting I had, I chose him as my Wedding Photographer. But, before having the meeting I also went through his ratings and reviews. Ant to my utter surprise, he indeed was the best. No rating was less than 5 and none of the reviews were depicting the negative compliments. Finally, I was right about him as his work was marvellous and I was satisfied.

Mr. Kunal Satyajit from Panache studios in Jalandhar was the best I could have found. He and his team did a marvellous job and I was very happy to see my stunning pictures captured by them. They were the best I could have got as my wedding gift. I even rewarded him with a little more money, what he asked for as his fees. He is highly recommended as a wedding Photographer who else is going to get married sooner or later. You can’t find someone more professional than him and his team. He stole my heart away with eye catching wedding Photographs of me and my husband and all the guests.