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Five Benefits of Pet Therapy in Addiction Recovery


The pet therapy that people get when they are addicts could completely change their lives because it make them feel like different people. They can have a partner in their recovery who will work with them on the things that they want to change in their lives, and pets can give people a purpose that they would not have had before. This might also be useful if someone is trying to recover from a major addiction that also caused a disability of some kind. You can get more info about addiction recovery at Ambrosia Treatment Center’s Jacksonville rehab.

1. It Starts In Treatment

There are other people who will find that they need a pet for therapy because that pet is going to help them calm down especially when they are not feeling well or feeling like they need to use. That pet will be the thing that points them in a new direction.

2. Physical Signs

The pet that someone has could note all the physical signs of withdrawal or pangs for drugs and alcohol. These pets often go to their friends and stop them from moving. Someone who gets a pet therapy animal is going to feel a change because it will allow them to be stopped from using. Because their pet noticed the difference right away. This helps people see the signs in themselves, and it allows them to recover faster.

3. Calm

The people who are recovering could feel a lot of anxiety, and they need to have something that is going to stop them from feeling this horrid anxiety. They have to do something that is going to help them relax, and their pet could help them with this. Most of these people will want to use when they feel anxious, but they will not want to do that anymore because they have that animal with them who is going to purr or sit in their lap and make them feel better.

4. Purpose

Someone who has a pet has to have a purpose. They have less time for their addiction because they are trying to take care of their pet. This is a small thing, but it can make a very big difference because most people who are trying to recover need to have something that they can do during the day that will help them stay on a routine and remain as healthy as possible.

5. Exercise

People who have recovery dogs are often going to get a lot of exercise because they must have their dogs exercise. These people can get into much better shape, and they start to feel better because they are no longer wasting away while using. They are exercising and they are getting the mental break they need with their pet.

Pet therapy can change someone’s life, and it will help people feel like they can change their life and have someone to support them.

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