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Finding The Perfect Table For Your Dining Room

Most people spend a lot of time picking out their living room furniture, trying out a lot of different styles at the store and worrying about which colors and patterns will look best in their space. Fewer people, however, put that much thought into choosing the perfect dining room table. Despite the fact that it is often overlooked, it is actually one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Putting extra effort into choosing the right table can help create a beautiful space where you can entertain.

One of the most important factors to consider while you are shopping is the overall size of the table. You need to make sure to leave at least 3 feet of space on all sides of the table. This will provide adequate room for people to scoot their chairs out so that they can comfortably get up from the table when they are done eating.

If you have a small dining room, you may be tempted to choose a small table. Unfortunately, this usually backfires. If the table is too small for the room, it can actually create the illusion that the space is even smaller than it really is. By opting for a slightly larger table, you can help create a greater sense of space without making the room feel too cramped.

When it comes to the shape of the table, you can generally look to the shape of the room for inspiration. Rooms that are square tend to work best with tables that are either round or square. Likewise, rectangular rooms tend to do best with rectangular or oval tables. Don’t forget to take into account any other furniture that will be in the room when you are choosing a shape for your table – check out this selection.

If you plan on hosting dinner parties or other gatherings, you should choose a table that is large enough to accommodate all of your guests. Count up the maximum number of people that you plan on having over. Then, look for a table that is big enough to fit them all. Remember, round pedestal tables can generally fit more people than square or rectangular tables.

After you figure out the best size and shape for the table, you can then shift your attention to the material that it is made from. Wood is a classic choice. Rich and beautiful, it can add a lovely sense of warmth to your space. Just make sure that the overall finish of the table is appropriate for your lifestyle. For instance, if you have children, you will want to look for a table with a durable finish that can take a beating.

Tables made from natural stone such as marble are an elegant choice. They still bring a sense of the natural world into your home. However, they tend to be a bit more refined and sophisticated than wooden tables. Unfortunately, they are also quite expensive. If you still want to create an elegant look but are on a budget, glass tables can be a good alternative.

The right dining room table can go a long way toward creating a space that you love. By considering all of these factors as you shop, you should be able to find the ideal table for your room and for your lifestyle.