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Fashion Up Your Old Boots

You have tidied up your closet but don’t know what to do with your old-fashioned boots. It was also my case when I found a pair of out of fashion boots in my shoe rack. As they were too new to throw away, why not refashioning them I thought and came up with several brilliant solutions. Using old belts, buttons and lace to style old boots are some of the ideas that I discovered through the blogs. Painting or sticking patterned fabric are other alternatives. To see the rest of them please follow the article.

refashion-old-boot05Tutorial: brit

refashion-old-boot09Tutorial: allthegoodgirlsgotoheaven

refashion-old-boot01Tutorial: caratortuga

refashion-old-boot03Tutorial: lanared

refashion-old-boot04Tutorial: abeautifulmess

refashion-old-boot06Tutorial: morenascorner

refashion-old-boot11Tutorial: laviediy

refashion-old-boot12Tutorial: planb

refashion-old-boot07Tutorial: homeheartcraft

refashion-old-boot08Tutorial: sheknows

refashion-old-boot10Tutorial: ilovetocreate


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