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Extremely Cool DIY Wedding Favors

02 Fried Almond Wedding Favors

Tutorial: myownlabels

A wedding is the most special day in a couple’s life. It is the biggest occasion where all your friends and family members come together to share your happiness. Traditionally, you may want to show your gratitude by giving them something to keep as a mark of that day. Wedding favors are generally inexpensive, small mementos and they can be even cheaper and more meaningful if you handcraft them. So be creative and start the work with these adorable wedding favors. You can get all the details below each photo.

01 Pinecone Fire Starter FavorsTutorial: bellethemagazine

04 GOLDEN PEAR AND PLUM SUGAR AND SPICE NUTSTutorial: lauryngallowayblog

06 TWIG MINI CARAMEL APPLESTutorial: ohthelovelythings

07 Spiced Apple Cider & Ginger CookiesTutorial: feltandhoney

12 Matchbox Shrine FavorsTutorial: myownlabels

13 Chocolate Hazelnut SpreadTutorial: ruffledblog

13 PIE POP WEDDING FAVORSTutorial: borrowedandbleu

14 S’Mores KitTutorial: valleyandcoblog

16 lavender bath saltTutorial: heartloveweddings

17 FABRIC CONFETTI AND FAVOR BAGSTutorial: swoonedmagazine

18 Greek KitTutorial: belleandchic

00 Boxes with English Breakfast Tea and chocolate chip cookies

00 Honey Jars

09 Cupcake Bell Jar FavorsTutorial: emmalinebride

10 a slice of cake boxTutorial: modernweddingshawaii

15 Personal MugsTutorial: lezoemusings

11 PlantTutorial: intimateweddings

08 GLITTERED PARTY POPPERSTutorial: sugarandcloth

05 Stocking Stuffer Sundays- Mulled Wine KitsTutorial: liviasweets

03 pumpkin spice granola barsTutorial: ohsweetbasil


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