Entrancing Photographs Of a Surreal World

Map-marked stars (Endless Book)

Khabarovsk based Russian photographer Dina Belenko lets her creative juices flow for still life photography. She thinks capturing a a thing’s photo is like making a portrait of its soul. By creating dream-like settings and using her camera she tries to tell us the stories of non-living things. She says “I believe that every thing around us keeps the prints of our emotions, expectations, feelings, everyone – aging and destroyed, as we are. I believe that things can be a portrait of the same substantive and important as the portrait of the man.”

Try harder (Workaholic)

Time management

Sweetest treasure

The Wanderer Problem


Rube Goldberg coffee machine

Inverted coffee

Tiny crimes: desktop accident

Across the asteroid belt

Pastry adventurer


Don't panic! (Endless Book)

With sugar no milk

Sunny Day Kit

Tiny crimes: coffee case

Eclipse (Endless Book)

Blue Music


Spilled Stars

Aliens are here! (Endless Book)

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