Effective Aesthetic Implementation Requires Proper Tools

Tools of Performance
The painter can paint without paints or a brush; but can this artist reach full potential? Is it possible to do watercolor with mud and a toothbrush? Maybe—there are many artists who are able to flourish in even the most difficult of circumstances. And, to some degree, difficulty makes for better art. But at a certain level it becomes a disadvantage.

If you are a piano player, you need a keyed instrument. Certainly it’s better to have one that has weighted keys, and a full range of octaves. But you can play on light keys in two octaves as a pianist if pressed. That said, you’re not going to do well as a keyboardist if you have a piece of wood and a string. Proper tools definitely help artists create.

When artists are learning to create, it is also essential that they learn to use the proper tools. If you learn to play a piano that has ten broken keys—which is to say, ten keys that don’t have the proper pitch—then when you encounter the real thing, all your skill will be lost.

What this means is in order to be at your finest creatively, you need to know what you need, and practice with those items regularly until you’ve mastered them. One place where this is exceptionally important is in dance.

The Discipline of the Ballerina
Certainly not all dances are of the ballet variety—there are multiple genres!—but ballet is an interesting case study as it is in some way exemplative to the whole. Whether you’re engaged in tap dancing, interpretive dancing, jazz dancing, the combining auspices of modern dance, or some other form of physical expression, all these have continuous rehearsal in common.

Dancers must rehearse for long hours and sacrifice continually in order to effectively portray that which is intended. This may not be easy. This will likely be difficult, and it requires sacrifice as well as determination. As a result, many ballerinas begin to learn their craft at a very early age.

Now it’s certainly possible for a young girl to learn the French terminology commonly associated with ballet, as well as the varying moves and positions, the necessary accoutrements which traditionally define the art. But it’s going to make things much more difficult for her.

A perfect example are pointe shoes. These have been developed over the years to most properly facilitate the kind of weightless grace for which ballet is commonly venerated. Going the cheap route won’t do you any good; you’ll learn the moves wrong. Ultimately, this is going to diminish the effectiveness of your artistic sacrifice.

Consolidating Resources
This is especially true when it comes to an entire group of young ladies looking to learn this performance art. Especially for young girls who are new to the discipline, it’s integral that they be given the greatest possible advantage; that’s going to mean finding them a wardrobe that fits the bill. Now this may be a little costly, but there are ways you can save.

When you’re buying girls dancewear in bulk, you want to go with an agency like Just For Kix, who offers: “Free ground shipping on orders over $75.” This will allow you to incorporate all the girls’ orders together, consolidate purchase expenses, and save on practice outfits.
With dancewear and other artistic tools, there will be regular intervals where things wear out and must be replaced. If you can time purchases to coincide with maximum quotients of usage among dancers, you can continuously save during the replenishment process.

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