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Does My Home’s HVAC Unit Impact My Health?

The ndoor air quality in your home can have a big impact on your health. After all, people tend to spend more of their time in their own homes than at work or outside, and even if you’re the sort of person who always rushes from one thing to another, you still spend around a third of your day at home asleep.

While indoor air doesn’t have the car exhaust and pollen you find outside, smaller sources of indoor air pollution can have a bigger impact on your health because of the time you spend indoors. Since your home’s HVAC system circulates air throughout the building, preventative maintenance and filtration upgrades can have long-term positive impacts on your health and the health of everyone else who lives in your home.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

Every home needs good air circulation. It helps remove dust and keeps bad smells from building up, and turning your air conditioner on can reduce the indoor humidity in summer. However, an old HVAC system can have broken or underpowered fans, blocked vents, or filters too clogged with dirt to let air through. Regular preventative maintenance performed by a licensed HVAC technician can catch these and other problems, improving indoor air quality for a healthier home. It can also identify and repair minor malfunctions before they become serious problems that call for expensive repairs.

HVAC Air Filtration Can Work Wonders

Does My Homes HVAC Unit Impact My Health?
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Most central air systems in homes use basic air filters. This helps keep dust and pollen from circulating back into rooms and improves the air quality. It also keeps dirt and debris from building up in your furnace and air conditioner so you can get as many years out of them as possible. However, the low-cost filters you probably have in your home can only filter so much. That’s why you may want to get a quality filter that removes smaller particles or uses an electrostatic charge to grab more particles from the air. These higher-quality filters improve indoor air quality and can reduce allergy symptoms. That’s good news for you and your family.

High Humidity Is Hardly Good

High humidity isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s a big reason why homes in the American South have to deal with bigger mold problems than houses in the cold North or dry West. Mold needs water to grow, and when humid summer air reaches a cool basement, it condenses and gives mold something to live on. The mold then releases spores. Depending on the species, the spores can cause you to feel sick or have trouble breathing. Fortunately, a professional HVAC contractor can install a built-in dehumidifier to keep your home’s humidity at a safe level.

Indoor air pollution in your home can have a big long-term impact on your health, and your HVAC system has a big impact on indoor air pollution. For that reason alone, it’s clear that maintaining and upgrading your HVAC system is important if you want to keep your lungs healthy and happy. After all, while a standard system can help with the worst of the dust and airborne allergens, a stronger system can do even more for you.

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