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DIY Slippers to Warm Your Feet This Winter

There’s nothing like a pair of comfy slippers to keep your feet warm and relaxed when you’re walking around the house. And there is also nothing like spending time working on DIY projects on cold and long winter days. You always have the best refreshment and tranquilty when you are busy with knitting, crochetting and so on. So why not using one of these joys to achieve the other. I mean why don’t you make your own house slippers.What a great idea, isn’t it? Then pick one of the ideas below and start the work. Believe us every second will worth it!

This entry is a part of our Warmer series.

loaferTutorial: sewgreen

slippersTutorial: goodknits

crochet slapperTutorial: crochethooksyou

crochet someTutorial: thegreendragonfly

easy crochet

garterTutorial: fuzzysquare

jeansTutorial: recycledlovelies

spiderTutorial: craftown

sweaterTutorial: thissortaoldlife

woolTutorial: thrillinglythrifty

feltTutorial: thezenofmaking

flip flopTutorial: craftynest


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