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DIY Projects You Can Do While Getting a Loft Conversion

Certain home improvement tasks work much better when they’re done while a major renovation project is underway. So if you’re planning to convert your loft, you might as well take the opportunity to properly reevaluate its current condition, and think about adding those few extra features that have been on your mind for a while.

Rearranging your furniture should be one of the first things on your list, as you’ll find yourself with a lot of newly opened space that you’ll surely want to make use of. You should plan ahead properly, especially when it comes to the cost of the project, and imagine the loft after its conversion has been completed.

Adding new details to the mix
This is the best time to consider upgrades – for example, that larger wardrobe that you’ve always wanted but could never fit inside the old space properly. A new bed is also something that can significantly boost your quality of life while making good use of the new space in your loft.

Why not have some fun in your new loft?
A popular trend is to use your loft as an entertainment room, and converting it can be a great time to rethink its current layout and add a few extra pieces of equipment for games and parties. A pool table is usually a complicated addition to most homes due to its large size and specific layout requirements (you will need a lot of room around it for the players themselves).

On that note, you could also consider setting aside a corner for things like arcade machines, darts, and whatever else you can think of that would be a good way to pass the time at a social gathering. You can also make use of your skylights to add to the atmosphere of the place. If you’ve always felt like the room could use a little more sunlight, now is a great time to work on that and see how much brighter you can make things.

Planning ahead properly
Your future loft is an empty canvas waiting to be filled. Simply looking at the empty space probably fills your head with ideas.

Got any repainting plans on your mind? You should definitely account for those before anything else in the room. It’s not just about fitting the final colors together and making sure that everything works; you’ll also have some serious logistics-related considerations to make.

DIY Projects You Can Do While Getting a Loft Conversion

Source: wikimedia

After all, the messy nature of painting means that it will take up a good portion of your time and space while it’s underway, preventing you from working on the other aspects of your loft’s conversion. If you are planning to fit any large objects in the newly converted space – like the aforementioned pool table or large bed – you must make sure that the painting job does not get in the way.

Last but not least, if you’re planning to use the space as a rental instead of for yourself, you will have even more considerations to make early on. There are some special requirements for the wiring and plumbing of the space that you’ll have to adhere to, and it would also be a good idea to develop the loft as a separate property with its own isolated access to utilities.

Some extra factors you’ll need to consider in that case:
– Does the loft have convenient access to the front door that doesn’t interrupt other tenants?
– Will you need to develop new common spaces?
– Can you reuse the building’s existing bathrooms for the loft?

There is a lot you can do yourself while you’re converting your loft. The sooner you get started with your planning, the more opportunities you’ll have for making the most out of the available space. Even if your projects sound a bit crazy and unusual, a little forethought can make many of those ideas possible!