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DIY Home Décor: How to Personalise Your Feature Wall of Frames

Feature walls are a huge interior trend right now and are popular in homes across the world. They’re not difficult to put together, but they can be tricky to make original. So how do you personalise your feature wall of frames? Well, it all begins with being eclectic in your taste. If you want to make a feature wall personal (or a ‘gallery wall’ as it’s better known in some countries), you’re going to need to draw on lots of different things you love! Here are some ideas…


Include photographs of your family. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a point worth mentioning! At least some of the components should be photographs and canvas prints that make you smile. Why not order your favourite family photos by visiting https://www.photobox.com.au/ for example? You could hang anything from professional photo shoot prints to your favourite Instagram shots! Some people also like to hang black and white photographs of previous generations of family members, making their feature wall truly ‘personal’.


Hang map clippings of places that are significant to you. Did you travel around the world before you settled down or live in lots of different places? Do you and your family have a cosy coastal cottage you like to escape to? If so, take a map clipping of your favourite location and hang it within a frame on your feature wall – places that are significant like this add relevance and emotional value to your home. They also make for great talking points when guests come to visit: regale them with stories of the adventures you’ve had!


Add your family’s certificates or awards. Does someone in your household have a degree or a rosette you’d really like to show off? A tasteful, covert way of displaying it without causing too much embarrassment is to embed it amongst the other things you’re displaying.


Hang your favourite artwork and illustrations. Interspersing your feature wall with drawings, paintings, prints and posters will bring pops of colour and texture to your interior and will show off your individual taste. Why not consider hanging mounted cuttings of wallpaper or wrapping paper too? Patterns and graphics will pop against other items on display.


Vary the type of frame you use. Don’t just go for one size, shape or colour – you’ll need to put a little more thought into how to hang them coherently, but use different materials and textures to create interest and personality to your feature wall. You’ll be able to find frames in charity shops, antiques markets, online and in the high street, and remember you can upcycle anything you don’t automatically love!


Finally, hang objects that mean something to you. For example, you could display a single key from the first property you and your significant other lived in together. Or, hang a single page from your favourite book, or a cutting from your childhood blanket. It’s all about making your feature wall relevant to you.