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DIY Handmade Doll Tutorials

Who doesn’t want to make something memorable for their kids? How about these extremely sweet handmade dolls? They are so simple to make especially if you find the right tutorial and the suitable patterns. You can even include your kids to the process and have fun all together. No need to say more, these projects are easy, inexpensive and the dolls are so lovely and cute!

Felt1Tutorial: kitchencounterchronicle

fabric doll tutorialTutorial: sewnstudio

niecesTutorial: doblelol

socksTutorial: webchiem

topsy turvyTutorial: handmadecharlotte

Doll House DollsTutorial: factorydirectcraft

creativelyTutorial: bloggingthemoments

kiddoTutorial: orchardpressstudio

Chinese New Year DollTutorial: allaboutami

little lottieTutorial: littlelottieloves

dollmakingTutorial: diddledumpling

HAND SEWN FELT DOLLTutorial: purlbee


dollTutorial: doingwithout


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