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Discover the Appeal of Mummy and Me Shoes

One of the most memorableexperiences amother and daughter can share is dressing up the same outfits, as well as wearing matching shoes for mum and daughter.While opting for matching outfits every day might not be feasible, mummy and me shoes are a more subtle way to synchronise your style while helping to strengthen the special bond that’s shared between you and your little one.

Melissa is a brand that’s revolutionising mother daughter shoes, with their Mommy and Me range of matching shoes containing stylish options that appeal to all ages. All shoes in the Mommy and Me range are constructed from Melflex, an innovative PVC material unique to Melissa that’s soft, comfy and contains no nasty chemicals. They’re also infused with a fun bubblegum scent that appeals to kids and adults alike, making them the perfect mother daughter shoes that combine fun and fashion.

We take a look at two of the hottest options available right now in Melissa’s family of mother daughter shoes – Unicorn and Element. 

Unicorn – A Magical Choice
Melissa and Mini Melissa Unicorn styles capture the joy and whimsy of unicorns in shoe form. Available in kids’ and women’s sizes, these fun and fabulous matching shoes for mum and daughter add a touch of magic to every step. Mini versions include the Ultragirl Unicorn and the colourful Beach Slide, while mum versions include the Ultragirl 3DB Unicorn, the Flip Flop Unicorn and the Ground Unicorn. 

Element – Sparkle in Style 
Magic happens when stars collide. Melissa and Mel Kids Element Mommy and Me matching shoes are designed to bring a little sparkle into you and your daughter’s world. The Element Ultragirl presents a starry twist on a Melissa classic, available in kids’ and women’s sizes for mum and daughter. There’s also the Harmonic Elements style, featuring a star-covered metallic band with a cute metal rope bow motif – available in black, blue, gold, rose gold and silver metallic colours.

If you’re looking to nurture the special bond between mother and daughter, shop the range of Melissa matching mother daughter shoes online at M DREAMS.


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