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Creative Ways to Organize a Home Office

Millions of people work from home because they run a business out of a spare room, are studying an BSN to DNP online, or because flexible working hours are a company policy. Working from home works well for most people, but you do need to be organized and have a well-designed workspace to call your own. Sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by the detritus of breakfast and last night’s dinner is rarely productive, so here are some tips to help you design a creative and functional workspace.

The Right Location
As we have already mentioned, it is essential that you set up your workspace in the right location. Ideally, it is better to have a separate room with a desk and other equipment, but if this isn’t possible, then set up a workspace in a quiet corner of your home. The space beneath the stairs is often dead space than can be turned into a home office. Alternatively, put a desk in the corner of a room you don’t use much, for example a guest bedroom or dining room.

Create Storage Solutions
No doubt, you will have files and stationery equipment that you want to keep within easy reach. Bookcases and shelving is a good way to organize files and miscellaneous bits and pieces, but if you want to be a bit more creative, build some boxes out of wood and fix them to the wall in random places. If you paint them, they will look like a really cool art installation, but with a practical purpose.

Artistic Time Planners
Instead of fixing a boring white board to the wall, use cord to create an organizer line. Peg or clip notes to your line and when a task has been completed, remove the notes. You can fix photos, invites, and anything else you need to jog your memory.

Mood Boards
Mood boards are a useful motivational and inspirational tool. A large mood board within eyesight of your desk will keep you inspired as you work on important projects. It could also kick your brain into gear if inspiration is sorely lacking. Pin photos, quotes, drawings, and anything else that might be useful to you at some point.

Multi-functional Desk
Do you sit in the same spot all day long, or do you need to work on different tasks? If it is the latter, use a long section of countertop as your desk and buy an office chair with castors. This will allow you to slide up and down the room whenever you need to work on different tasks. For example, keep your computer at one end and your drawing board in the middle, with a coffee machine at the far end. You will be much more productive as a result.

Don’t forget to install task lighting, but be creative. A desk lamp is essential, but colorful mood lighting will look great when it gets darker. String some lights above cupboards and it will feel festive all year long.