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Craft Time: Lamp Shade Redesigns

The ones who are interested in home decoration is somehow get involved in DIY projects. As they are always on the go for trying to find the most appealing style in an affordable price range, they end up with the solution in DIYing. Whether you are done with the overall decoration of your home or just want to make little changes then why not redesigning your lamp shades? They are one of the pieces that can be easily personalized with a little crafty touch without breaking the bank. Check the projects below which allow you to customize a lamp with several materials of your choice.

diy-lamp08Tutorial: liveandloveoutloud

diy-lamp09Tutorial: collegelifediy

diy-lamp06Tutorial: justagirlandherblog

diy-lamp07Tutorial: thecrafttutor

diy-lamp04Tutorial: starsforstreetlights

diy-lamp02Tutorial: momspark

diy-lamp01Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

diy-lamp05Tutorial: aswellplacetodwell

diy-lamp03Tutorial: billiemonster


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