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Cool and Unique Home Renovation DIY Ideas for This Spring

Cool and Unique Home Renovation DIY Ideas for This Spring

Spring is the ideal time to make changes to your home. The warmer weather brings with it a boost in motivation, and it’s easier to get moving. Each year, people come up with new ideas about how to improve a home and make it unique.

If you’re looking for a home improvement or renovation project to take on this spring to give your home a fresh look, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the coolest DIY home renovation projects to try.

Add Layers

Houses typically have distinct floors, that offer a flat layout. By adding layers to the floor, you provide more texture and character in a room. Changing the layout in this way doesn’t have to be a significant challenge or a huge undertaking. It can be accomplished with building well-structured platforms from wood.

The layers can be incorporated wherever you see fit. Some opt to build a conversation pit in their rec room as a throwback to the sunken living rooms of days gone by. Others create stadium seating for their sofas. Turn an alcove in the wall into a raised reading nook with some mood lighting and a custom art piece by Instapainting for a private escape from the world. These layers can be enhanced further by incorporating trundles and storage space underneath.

Optimize Your Outlets

Traditionally designed outlets aren’t as functional as they could be. For a little change that has a big impact, look at the many ways you can move or optimize your outlets. For outlets that are often blocked by furniture, have them recessed into the wall. That way, they are still useful even if your furniture is flush against them.

Move kitchen outlets from the wall to under the cupboards and install a beautiful backsplash or have them wired to be a part of the drawer in your bathroom. Finally, consider replacing a few of your traditional outlets with USB and smart home compatible outlets to get ahead of the trends.

Install Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving is both fashionable and functional, reducing the need for bulky furniture. Think beyond where you’ll display your books and art in a living room setting and consider the wasted space between studs in your walls. If you have a tiny bathroom, installing built-in shelving between studs is an effective way to find more storage space. The same goal can be accomplished in the kitchen, reducing the need for a spice rack that takes up space on the counter.

Think carefully about where you want to incorporate this feature into your home. Don’t start cutting into walls without a very clear understanding of where you’ll find wires and insulation.

Upgrade Your Exterior Door

If your home still has the same boring storm door that it did when you moved in, it’s time for an upgrade. There’s no need to dish out the cash for an expensive new door when the one you have works fine; just spruce it up a little.

Look for exterior paint in a bold color that complements or contrasts your siding. Open the door, covering the opening with a tarp to deter unwanted bugs. Cover the floor in your entryway and start painting. Consider adding other elements, such as a modern house number sign or a knocker. Treat or replace fixtures for an easy upgrade that will enhance your curb appeal.

If you’re feeling motivated, touch up your shutters with the same color and apply a fresh coat of paint to your window trim. A little effort goes a long way.

There are lots of cool and unique DIY projects that you can take on this spring to enhance your home. Remember to add your personality to each project– that’s what makes your house a home.

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