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Christmas Decorations: Simple Tips for Inspiring Holiday Décor

Christmas Decorations: Simple Tips for Inspiring Holiday Décor

‘Tis the season to gather and be social, and what better way to do so in your own home? Whether indoors or out, there is no lack of products available to spruce up your spaces to mirror the cheer of the season. With the saturation of material items available for purchase, it can become difficult to sift through it all to choose what best highlights your personal decorating tastes- but luckily there are many ways to inspire your design with not much more than a few tasteful purchases, and an afternoon or two creating exactly what you want.

Know Your Measurements

Be sure to take the measurements of the areas you plan on decorating. The height of your ceiling or porches, the length of the area over your door, along the ridge of a house, or the square footage of an entryway are nice to have to avoid spacing pitfalls.

For example, that great holiday tree on clearance may look great in the entryway- if it would fit through the door. This is especially true of outdoor decorations. What looks large in a store may be lost in the vastness of your front yard.If you love the idea of perfectly sized items, try checking out decorations from Balsam Hill, an online specialty store that creates realistic holiday decor to fit any space you need to decorate. They also have some truly inspiring ideas as well, including products to throw a fabulous party.

Have a Vision
Once you begin searching for the perfect decorations, it may become easy to feel slightly overwhelmed at first. There is no lack of holiday cheer gracing the many shelves of just about any store you enter into. And if you take your search online your possibilities are endless.

Rather than attempt to piece together what you want during your shopping foray, head to the store, or login online, with an idea of what you want for the spaces you would like to decorate. This way you avoid spending money on frivolous items that may just end up unused or in storage anyway.

· Choose a color palette

The holiday season is often marked with bold colors and jewel like tones and shine. Whereas there is nothing wrong with mixing and matching the many difference seasonal designs, picking just one palette of color helps provide uniformity and flow throughout your house or yard, and also helps guide your overall vision and ultimate buying decisions.

Be sure to take into account the backdrop of your decorations as well when making these choices, especially for outdoor inspirations. Brighter, bold colors will shine against the grays and whites of winter if you live where snowfall is abundant- but the whites and silvers of the season will stand out amongst browns and greens of the warmer climates.

· Don’t be afraid to mix textures

Like the colors of the season, there are many variable textures surrounding the plants and flowers popular with the holidays, as well as the many designs that are rich in color and texture. Although it is often best to stick with one color palette, feel free to go crazy with texture and design mixing. The different shades of textured choices only adds detailing contrast to your chosen palette, which furthers the interest of your choices.

The lighting of the outdoor winter months is often muted and flat, so these variances in textures will add depth to your style, and create illusions of size and rich color. They also will better emphasize any artificial lighting you add as shadows and colors will pop in the darkened evenings. These same effects can be seen indoors as well with the low, warm lights often used this time of year.

Create a List

Make your purchases according to your needs, rather than your wants. Create a list of supplies for your DIY creations, and specific items to brighten up your yard or household space in advance. Mark off what you do find online before heading to the store as well to save yourself the hassle of second guessing your purchases. By doing so not only will you save money, you’ll also save yourself from forgetting the ONE important item that often gets left behind.


Don’t allow the amount of available decorations overwhelm your good sense this holiday season. Instead follow the above simple tips to have a plan for your purchases: both retail and crafty alike. Having a vision, sticking to your idea, knowing your space sizes, and limiting your colors will help you stay focused and within budget to create beautifully detailed, and self-satisfying holiday creations.

Whether shopping online or locally, with just a little foresight you can easily bring to life your ideas for the Christmas season!