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Choosing the Best Mattress Brands

Choosing the Best Mattress Brands

You can’t compromise when it comes to where you lay your head after a long day. This is, perhaps, why the mattress industry is such a big one; each year there are improvements in the technology and materials that constitute a good mattress – and often at a lower price.

After all, you probably spend at least a third of your entire life on a bed; to this end, we present a list of mattress reviews of top name brands to help you narrow your decision to a selection you can live with comfortably.

Attributes of a Must-Have Mattress
As for what constitutes a great mattress, there are a handful of standards that you should look for. Memory foam is a popular type, for example, because of its ability to contour to your body and maintain a unique impression without applying too much pressure in response to your weight.

Choosing the Best Mattress Brands

Another positive attribute of a good mattress is the material out of which it is constructed. Latex often drives the owner satisfaction metric sky-high; in addition to being the longest-lasting of the common three materials – with the others being memory foam and mattresses with inner springs.

No matter which mattress you get, however, there are some rules you should ALWAYS follow before you purchase it. These include testing the mattress for firmness and size, and laying on it in the store to gauge the comfort. A short list of the rules to testing a mattress is here.

Signature Sleeps Memory Foam Mattress
This is, by all accounts, a near-5-star mattress that comes in all sizes – full, twin, queen and king. There’s a generous 3.5” of memory foam on top, which ensures a comfortable contour to your body throughout the night, and distributes your weight evenly throughout the 8.5” of high density foam that comprises the remainder of the mattress.

Choosing the Best Mattress Brands

As an added bonus attribute, the Signature Sleep Memory Foam mattress comes in colors as eclectic as brushed bronze and even silver. There’s also white, brown,gray and black. By all accounts, it is a popular and excellent option for a good night’s rest.

Best Price Mattress
Yes; this is the actual name of this brand; and judging by the reviews seen on giant online vendors, it lives up to the name performance-wise. It employs open-cell technology which enhances the air-flow and ventilation throughout the structure. As with most upper-line mattresses, it is multi-layered and has 1.5” of memory foam on top.

It is described as being quite firm, despite the contouring properties. The foam allows your backside to sink in comfortably, while continuing to provide support for your upper back. The cells are comprised of thousands of gel beads, and a non-slip bottom rounds out the list of benefits.

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress
The first thing that might catch your eye is the color: green tea. Although this definitely makes an impression, the 3” of memory foam, 2” of underlying comfort foam and collective 7” of high-density airflow foam variants makes this a very special best-selling mattress. The green tea color actually serves a function: it derives from the presence of castor seed oil and green tea to help repel odor-causing bacteria.