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How to Catch the Photographic Moments in Everyday Life

Life moves fast, and it’s full of meaningful moments that become powerful memories. You can preserve these experiences by learning how to capture photographic moments in everyday life. To take beautiful pictures, you’ll want to work on developing your photographic eye. A few things to consider are equipment, composition, lighting, color, and speed.

Always Be Ready to Take Great Photos

How to Catch the Photographic Moments in Everyday Life Image via Flickr by photoloni

Before we look at how to take photos, consider when to take pictures. That’s a trick question. It’s anytime! You can’t predict life’s golden moments. You could be watching an exhilarating sunrise, sharing your child’s laughter, or taking a selfie with your sweetheart.

To always be ready to capture a shot, use a portable device such as a smartphone with an advanced camera. You’ll want to share your photos, too, so select a wireless plan with plenty of data. Choose a durable, water-resistant device like the iPhone 8 from a wireless carrier such as T-Mobile. With a carrier like T-Mobile that offers unlimited 4G LTE nationwide coverage, you won’t worry about using up your data either. 

Make sure you have plenty of battery life. The iPhone 8 is designed to run efficiently, giving you longer battery life. Wireless charging, also available with the iPhone 8 and other models, makes it easy to keep your phone charged and ready to take beautiful photographs.

Focus on the Photo’s Subject and Frame it
Now let’s talk about how to create an exciting picture. The elements in your photo make up its composition. Think about the most critical part of the image. That’s your subject. The items in the background should create a frame around your subject. For example, if the subject is your friend, that person should be the primary focus of the picture. The people and scenery around your friend make up the background.

Make sure your subject fits in the frame nicely, too. Take care that your photo doesn’t crop out the top of your friend’s head. Advanced mobile phone camera features available with phones like the new iPhone 8 from carriers like T-Mobile help compose your picture. The iPhone 8’s 12MP camera with Portrait Mode brings your subject into sharp focus and blurs the background for you. 

Catch the Light
Lighting can add dramatic effects to your composition. If you’re outside, the sun provides natural light that changes through the day. Morning light starts out soft and gets stronger throughout the day. Watch out for glare and shadows caused by the midday sun directly overhead. The setting sun provides a more delicate, diffused light. Inside, use your camera’s flash to balance the artificial light.

The iPhone 8’s Tru Tone technology adjusts the screen to accommodate the lighting around you, making it easier to view the image on the screen. Other features like advanced sensors and optical image stabilization help you take sharp pictures in low light. 

Capture Colorful Images
How to Catch the Photographic Moments in Everyday Life Image via Flickr by trishafatema (ON/OFF)

Look for contrasting colors to add interest to your photographs. For example, a pink flower will stand out against the green grass. This contrast draws your attention to the flower. Choose a phone that accurately displays these brilliant colors, like the iPhone 8 with its Retina HD screen.

Take a Lot of Photos

Capture every memory. Don’t settle for slow processing speed and inadequate storage. A fast CPU and large storage capacity will capture moments and save them until you’re ready to share, post, or download them. The iPhone 8 also uses HEIF compression technology, which captures high-quality images that are half the size of traditional phone images, saving storage space. This phone delivers on speed, too, with Apple’s super-fast A11 Bionic CPU.

Keep practicing and you’ll develop your photographic eye and capture life’s everyday moments. Remember to frame your subject, pay attention to lighting, and look for shots with vibrant colors. You can also let an advanced camera do the work for you. The iPhone 8 camera’s advanced image signal processing (ISP) analyzes the scene before you snap your photo. ISP accounts for lighting and movement, capturing the perfect shot every time.