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Casual Yet Stylish Fashion Ideas for Teenagers

Confusing yet exciting, the teen years can easily be the best years of life!
High school can be a confusing stage, especially with one’s fashion and style. Peer influence may hit hard on you but there’s also the urge to make your own identity. Instead of simply fitting in with the group, you want to make your own mark and stand out from the rest.

For those who think fashion is tough only for girls, they’re wrong. Teenage boys are also finding it difficult to think of fashionable styles to wear. But don’t fret as we’ve gathered some great casual yet trendy fashion ideas for teenage boys and girls. Keep reading and pick which fashion style you want to try.

Colorful layering
To achieve this casual yet very fashionable trend, you can wear a colorful shirt and style it with two-color letterman jackets from Varsity Base on top. This is best paired with plain denims or joggers, and sneakers. You can add fashion accessories like a colorful shoulder bag or a bandana. Layering is very in vogue and works perfectly for teenagers like you.

Simple yet trendy crop top
Teenage girls would look stylish in crop tops. This fashion item is making a comeback and is fast becoming a favorite among teens. A simple crop top with neutral colors such as brown, pastel or black would best be paired with denims. Minimize your makeup or accessories to keep the focus on your crop top.

Basic vests
A must-have in every teen’s wardrobe, the basic vest is a very versatile fashion accessory. It can add glam to any of your clothes. Pick a simple vest with plain colors, such as white, to make it easier to mix and match with your other clothes. To complete your casual, trendy style, pair it up with denims and sneakers. Wearing other accessories such as colorful bracelets will create a layered effect. The vest is very versatile; you can even wear other accessories such as a shirt, scarf, tee or even a letterman jacket.

Fashionable glasses
Big, vibrant fashion eyeglasses are now very trendy and they look great on teenagers, girls and boys alike. There are numerous styles and designs of this fashion accessory that you can choose from. You may want to wear aviator, nerdy, or boxy style glass frames. There are single colors as well as multiple colors. Choose colors that are more vibrant because they can easily brighten up any casual clothing you’re wearing. Take note that some glasses go well with formal wear while others are best for fun casual style.

Short style
Summer is the only time you can wear shorts so make the most of this season. For this year, in vogue are athletic style, fitted shorts in different colors. Boys can pair up their shorts with a graphic t-shirt or plain colored polo shirt. Meanwhile, girls can wear netted stockings underneath a pair of denim shorts. This can be paired with a crop top and sneakers. Top it off with a cap and aviators for a more edgy look. For sure, you’ll look stunning with this fashion style.

There you have some fashion tips to make you a stunner. Decide what type of look you want to achieve and try it! Teenage years are about making your own mark so don’t be afraid to experiment and express yourself through your clothing.


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