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Why Caroma is the Right Product Choice for Your Home

Caroma is a leading brand of quality products for your home. The company has a history of technological innovation and created the world’s first transfer injection molder in 1945. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength with a reputation of being Australia’s leading manufacturer of designer commercial and residential products. Their products are also available worldwide.


Caroma offers quality kitchen, bathroom and laundry products for your home, which are not only high in quality but also environmentally friendly.


Most conventional toilets use upto 11 litres of water per flush. The Caroma Smartflush however has a much lower amount of water usage with 4.5 litres for a full flush and 3 litres for reduced flush mode. In addition to this, the Caroma cube 0.8 litre Smartflush is the first sixe star rated urinal that uses upto 60% less water compared to standard two litre models.

Caroma are pioneers in producing water-conservingproducts that are modern and beautifully designed. The products are eco friendly and use innovative technology.

You can find all the products you need in the Caroma bathroom range. The bathroom range includes showers, bathtubs, sinks, taps, toilets and even bathroom accessories, such as soap dishes. There is a large selection available with different designs, so you are bound to find the right product for your home no matter whether you are looking for something traditional or modern.


By using the high efficiency showerhead up to ten gallons of water can be saved during a ten-minute shower. The efficiency of the shower does not take away the level of comfort, as the design has been carried out with comfort, style and water conservation in mind.


The Caroma range also consists of wall-hung toilets. These toilets do not touch the floor and are affixed to a wall. All the plumbing is hidden to give more space while creating a modern and clean look for the bathroom.

Water efficiency and stunning style are qualities that are also found in all of the Caroma kitchen products. The kitchen is usually the heart of the home, so it is important to have a kitchen to be proud of. With the high quality Caroma kitchen range you will enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen and you will certainly want to show off your designer kitchen.

Caroma products even extend to a laundry range. By using Caroma products that are water conserving, you will also reduce your monthly bills. We are always looking for ways to save money and by making Caroma the choice for your home you can do exactly that. Of course saving money is not solely what this is about. Many people have tried to cut costs on home décor, especially when it comes to fixtures and fittings for their bathroom and kitchen, and this has let them down in the long run. This is why Caroma are a great choice because they are not only highly efficient, and stylish, they are also built to last, so you won’t be wasting your money.


If you want a product that is water conserving and eco friendly without compromising on style, then Caroma is the brand for you. Caroma products will give your home a stylish makeover. Not only will you enjoy the comfort of the Caroma range, but you will also be saving money in the long term by using less water. You will also be happy to know that Caroma products come with a two-year warranty. More and more people are making Caroma the choice for their home and now you know why.

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