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Capture the love: How To Find Your Destination Wedding Photographer?

A destination wedding is a unique experience and it is vital to capture the splendor and beauty of the destination and the marriage ceremony. A destination wedding photographer is among the most important vendors you will hire for your event. This is mainly because the wedding pictures are the only memories you will have after the wedding. However, finding a destination wedding photographer who will meet your expectations can be tiring and daunting.

Below are a few tips on how to find your destination wedding photographer who is the right fit for your wedding.

1. Using Online Photography Communities
There are numerous online photography communities that you can use to find a destination wedding photographer such as Flickr, Exposure, and 500px. In addition, you can use websites to find destination wedding photographers because many photographers use them to sell their work, share photos, and get feedback from clients. Photographers use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to share and promote their work. Although the online photography communities have many types of photography, you can narrow down your search by specifying the type of photography you want, i.e. wedding photography. When you find a photographer whose work you like, contact them to get further details. As you shop for a destination photographer online, you can visit Groomsmen Central to get an array of gifts for your groomsmen.

2. Opting for a Local Photographer
There are exceptional talents locally and abroad and it is wise to consider a local photographer. At your destination, there is a high probability that there are amazing wedding photographers. When you settle for a local photographer, ensure that he/she is the best you can afford because you cannot recapture the wedding photos. A local photographer is beneficial because they are knowledgeable of the venue and secret hot spots for photos. Also, he/she may also visit the venue prior to the wedding to identify the best spots for capturing the best shots. Although hiring a local photographer may seem easy, it is difficult to identify the right wedding photographer in an unfamiliar destination.

However, they are many resources that you can use to find a local photographer. Among them include the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), SnapKnot, and Best Wedding Photography. ISPWP, for instance, is an organization that lists the best wedding photographers around the world. It has a directory of local wedding photographers in each country. ISPWP contains a profile of the photographers with each including a description of their services, prices, contacts, and a preview of their past works.

3. Flying a Photographer to your destination
This is a great option if you do not find a photographer in your destination or are unimpressed by their work. You can fly a photographer from your hometown or another town/country. For instance, if you live in London and decide to wed in Hawaii, you can fly a photographer from London or New York. The primary advantage of this option is that you are not limited to the photographers at your destination. Also, you can find a wedding photographer with impeccable work as long as they are within your budget and can fly to your destination. The main limitation of this approach is the high cost because of the photographer’s travel costs. Wedding Photo Love and World Photojournalist Association (WPJA) are some of the sites you can find a destination wedding photographer who is willing to travel.

4. Consider a Resort’s Photographer
In case you cannot find a local photographer or fly one to your destination, you can consider a resort’s photographer. Some resorts at your destination have their wedding photographers. In some, they only allow you to use their wedding photographers and do not allow outside photographers. In all these, the resort’s intent is to maximize their profits at the same time reducing costs for you. The major limitation of a resort’s photographer is that they are subpar and you only get what you pay for. Before you settle for the resort’s photographer, inquire if they do wedding photography and ask for a collection of their previous work. If you are unsatisfied with their work, ask the resort of you can hire an outside photographer. If they do allow, inquire if they charge any fee for bringing outside vendors.

In the wedding industry, destination weddings seem like the Holy Grail. Destination weddings take place in numerous places ranging from mountaintops to white sandy beaches and city rooftops. A destination wedding photographer is among the main vendors you will hire for your event because he/she will capture the splendor and beauty of the destination and the wedding ceremony. You can find destination wedding photographers locally, use online photography communities, fly a wedding photographer from your location, and consider a resort’s photographer.


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